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9 Vital Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Sunglasses

Mosty of us have the habit of purchasing low-quality glasses from malls and from any random roadside shops because they are cheap. All we care about is its design and how it suits us. Most of us hardly care about the quality of these glasses and its effects on our health. Researchers and scientists claim that overusing these low-quality sunglasses can lead to numerous eye problems.

Chemicals that are applied on the surface of these low-quality glasses are extremely harmful. When these chemicals get mixed with the sweat, it will create dark circles around the eyes. These coloring chemicals in the glasses will melt at a certain temperature and it sticks to the skin surface. It will ruin your good looks. When you use heavy glasses, all that weight will sit over the nose and it can injure your nose. This can lead to scars or allergies.

Even zero power or plain glasses have a mild power of around 0.24. These glasses will slightly blur your vision. But when you regularly use it, it can lead to eyesight problems. It puts more stress on the eyes and tires it in the process. On the long run, it can lead to a headache, teary eyes, short sight, long sight, eye irritation, and other problems.

While riding a bike or driving a car during night times, the head light of the vehicles from the opposite side will cause glare to the eyes. This cannot be avoided even when you wear a helmet. This can trigger tears in the eyes. Additionally pollution, smoke, and dust on the roads will directly enter the eyes. These are some common reasons why people opt for sunglasses. Some people buy it for the style aspect of it.

9 Vital Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Sunglasses 

  • Before purchasing the glass make sure it has zero power and check its frame quality.
  • Get your eyes checked and buy glasses based on those results, irrespective of the reason for the purchase of sunglasses.
  • No matter what type of glasses you purchase, get your eyes checked once a year and also your glasses with an optician.
  • Never use sunglasses of others. Be it your brother, sister, or your friend.
  • Protect it from dust and always store it in a box specifically designed for it.
  • Many of us wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the direct impact of sunlight. When a person’s eyes are exposed to sunlight his retina will expand and it will let in more warm light along with ultraviolet radiation. This can harm your eyes. It can impact visual nerves and cause eye problems. If a person purchases a sunglass for this purpose, then utility glasses are the best option. As these glasses provide complete protection against UV rays.
  • If you are looking for day and night glasses then polaroid and antiglare glasses will be the best option for you. These glasses have photochromic sensitivity property. So it acts as a shield for protecting our eyes.
  • Do not let or make the kids to use sunglasses. It is not good for their eyes. You need to train their young eyes for natural light and darkness. When you block it with sunglasses it can lead to eye problems in the future. They can wear antireflective glasses if needed when they are playing under direct sunlight. But not during other times.
  • Always wash off your eyes in clean cold water before wearing sunglasses in the morning. Because the eyes would have got used to the darkness during the sleep. This can create an uncomfortable feeling to your eyes when you wear sunglasses without washing your eyes in the morning. This will contract the retina. Cold water will relax the retina muscles. This will make the retina to easily adapt to the changes in light levels.

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