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Reasons for Eye Twitching and Possible Treatments

Eyes are one of the most delicate and miraculous organs in our body. Without eyes, we cannot even imagine light. It is a 576 megapixels camera. The more we learn about our eyes the more it makes us wonder is the truth. Though most of us are aware of its importance in our day to day life, we hardly care for its health. One of the most ignored conditions of eyes is “twitching”. Some of us even claim it as a good luck. But eye twitching can be a serious problem if it is not treated properly. Sometimes it can even lead to eyelids closing permanently. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this problem, and also possible treatments to cure it.

Eye Twitching in Children

When kids start to feel the fear of being isolated, their eyes will start to twitch involuntarily. It happens whenever they see someone close to them, like their father, mother, grandfather, uncle, aunt etc.. This happens just to grab the attention of the person. This problem usually goes off within two to three weeks time. If it doesn’t, then there is nothing wrong with consulting an eye specialist. Additionally, it is enough if the parents take care of their kids well and show them the love they long for. Their love is the best medicine for their children’s insecurity and fear.

Eye Twitching in Adults

Orbicularis myokymia is the common eye twitching problem that affects the adults. This happens due to various reasons such as sleep deprivation, not sleeping at the right time, drinking way too much coffee, depression, and stress. This problem is easily cured by right counseling and using appropriate eye drops.

In Older People

The most common eye twitching problem with older people is Hemifacial spasm. When this problem happens, only one of the eyes will twitch. For some people this will not stop with just eyelids, it will spread to cheeks and mouth area. If this problem occurs frequently, then the person need to consult a Doctor immediately.


Eyes twitching for 10 to 15 times on rare occasions is not a problem. But, when there is constant eye twitching, that gets in the way of your work, then it is better to consult a Doctor. When there is a problem with nerves in the brain, both the eyes will twitch constantly and regularly. Then, the eyelids will close completely. We call this problem as Blepharospasm.

There is another problem called Apraxia, it also makes the eyes to twitch constantly, when this problem matures it can make the eyelids to close completely as well. But, when eyelids are closed completely due to Apraxia, the person won’t be able to open it again. He or she would need to apply some external force to open the eyelids. They will lose control over their eyelid muscles completely. It is more of less equal to losing the eyesight itself.

So what is the solution?

People affected by Hemifacial spasm, Blepharospasm and Apraxia can take Botulinum toxin vaccination. People affected by constant eye twitching problem can also undergo a surgery called “Orbibularis myectomy”. This surgery will remove the tissues responsible for eye twitching.

Does this problem arise due to nutrition deficiency?

We cannot directly conclude that this problem arises due to malnutrition. When there is constant eye twitching, the problem really has its source in nerves present in the brain. but, we really do not know the real reason behind this problem.

Constant eye twitching is a really rare occurrence. Some Doctors have the habit of not testing the eyes properly and prescribing the wrong eye drops for this problem. This is a bad practice. When there is frequent and constant eye twitching, the person should approach the right Doctor for the treatment. This problem is completely curable when it is treated at the right time.