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Apartment Syndrome & its Bad Health Impacts on Children

We notice a drastic increase in the number of apartments even in small cities and towns. Apartments are not an ideal place for kids to grow up. Most kids who grow up in them are not even aware of their neighbors. Many of these kids are just trapped inside an air conditioned room with electronic gadgets.

Television sets, mobiles, tablets, and laptops have been the only source of entertainment for these kids. They are not exposed to healthy sunlight and to other kids in their neighborhood. This has an acute impact on their physical and mental growth.

Calcium and Vitamin-D deficiency in Kids

Kids residing in apartments do not have friends. As they are confined to their homes, and not exposed to proper sunlight, most of these kids have Vitamin-D and calcium deficiency. This could lead to rickets if left unattended.

Children love to play with their friends in the open playground near their home. But things have changed now, many parents do not let their kids play outside in sunlight. And not just that, most apartments do not have a playground. This naturally leads to Vitamin-D deficiency in many kids. Because of this, kids are made to take Vitamin-D supplements.

Calcium and phosphate are essential for our bones, and for the formation of new bones. It’s only because of the calcium, our bones and tooth stay healthy and strong. Apart from this, other vital organs like heart, brain, and many other organs needs calcium for their normal functioning.

Calcium is supplied to these vital organs through our blood. Vitamin-D is essential to absorb calcium from our foods. Mother’s milk has a minimal quantity of Vitamin-D. Our body is capable of producing its own Vitamin-D when it is exposed to sunlight.

Osteoporosis is one of the major diseases that attacks not only women and seniors but also the kids. Additionally, people who work in IT industries are mostly trapped in their office rooms for the whole day, these people have a high probability of this disease. But with the right treatment, this disease can be easily cured.

Consuming vegetables, grains, milk in right quantity can help to prevent this disease. It’s essential to let the kids play in the sunlight.


Apartment syndrome can trigger mental problems for kids. The environment we live in has a very strong impact on our minds. Good exercise, spending fun time with other kids, and friends are quite essential for children. But it has almost become impossible for many apartment kids.

Our body secrets many types of hormones. Each of these hormones has a different function. When there is an imbalance in hormone secretions, it could lead to many diseases and problems. When children are not exposed to sunlight, they can have the hormone imbalance. Kids who spend most of their time inside their homes have high levels of melatonin secretion.

High levels of melatonin in kids can trigger sluggishness and excess sleep. They will feel fearful of meeting someone in person, avoid talking to others. They lack hunger, and always feel confused. It could lead to many mental diseases if this continues. Usually, kids who express these symptoms will not be interested in studies as well. They won’t be able to focus and point their attention on a single task. They will have problems with recalling memories. For no reason, they want to remain isolated.


Mental growth in kids is as important as their physical growth. To develop mental growth parents could take their kids, and take them for a morning walk. This could reduce stress and anxiety in them. When kids are exposed to more people, they start to learn many things from others. So it’s important to take them to social events, gatherings, and functions.

Kids should not be exposed to television, video games, mobile phones, and tablets for longer time duration.

Kids who are trapped inside their home have fewer chances to socialize. So parents should make sure to take their kids to family functions, birthday parties, marriages, and other social events so that they can interact with other people.

Finally, it’s not healthy for a kid, both mentally and physically to be trapped inside a home. It’s better for parents to realize this sooner than never. Let the kids play and interact.