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7 Most Effective Ways to Beat Superwoman Syndrome

Women play numerous roles in their daily lives, as a daughter, as a mother, as a wife, as an employee, as an employer and much much more. Normally she never compromises one role for another and wants to perform all the roles to its perfection. But seeing it in realistic terms, it is not quite possible to be perfect, not all woman has this maturity to accept this reality, hence the problem starts and she prepares herself for the battle. At some point in her life, this leads to losing her stability mentally and physically, this is termed as superwoman syndrome.

So what are the symptoms of this problem and who are the ones affected by it?

There is no Super Man, in reality, he is just an imaginary figure is what we explain it to our kids. On similar lines, there is no superwoman in this world and it is not really possible to it achieve either. No woman can tag herself with “The Best” before on all of her roles, like “The Best Wife”, The Best Mother”, “The Best Daughter”. Not understanding this completely and fighting with the imaginary world of perfection is the root cause of mental depression.

Leaving off the 8 hours in sleep, rest of the 16 hours a woman plays a lot of roles, difficulties, and problems in one role is reflected in another. For example if you have a problem with your employer, it is immediately reflected when you get back home and your kids starts to behave in an undesirable manner, this can get worse if you start beating the kids and while doing so your husband might enter the home, he might question you for your actions, then your anger starts to turn towards him, this will go on in circles and what is left behind will be depression and mental stress. Someone who wanted to be the best in everything won’t be able to handle even one single role with perfection, this turns into guilt that will haunt her day in and day out. This is called Superwoman syndrome.

Do you have this problem and how to find out?

If your answer is yes to most of this questions, then you might have Superwoman Syndrome and you might need an immediate counseling from a psychiatrist.

  1. Do you consider yourself as your competition or do you compete with yourself?
  2. Do you rarely say “No” to others?
  3. Though you know you cannot afford more responsibilities but still do you accept more responsibilities on your shoulder?
  4. Are you always unhappy with your actions?
  5. Do you always expect 100% from all your roles in life?
  6. Do you feel like you want to fulfill all people’s expectations somehow?

How to come out of Superwoman syndrome?

1. Spend at least 1-hour minimum for yourself

Every woman should spend time for herself, you must spend at least an hour in a day to take care of your beauty, to do exercise, to do things you like, this can be anything from listening to music to having a fun chat with your friends.

2. Be bold enough to say “NO”

If you know you cannot take some responsibilities, be bold enough to say “NO” do not indulge in the dangerous experiment of “Let us give it a try” this can be counter-productive in many cases. Also when you need help from others be straight forward to ask it.

3. Be Sharing to your kids

You can try to explain your feelings and difficulties to your kids, most kids do understand your feelings, explain it to them how hard is your work at an office, how you get angry at times and what are the reasons for losing your patience. Sharing will make your mind lighter and eases your stress to a great degree.

4. Complement and Appreciate yourself

Consider yourself as a special person and it is true realistically, you just need to realize it. Love yourself, embrace yourself, compliment yourself. Do not hesitate to do things that truly makes you happy and content.

5. Buy stuff for yourself

Do you like ice cream? eat it!. Do you want to buy a new clothing? Buy it.  Do you want to sing and dance? just do it, do not let anything hold you back from things that you want to do.

6. Do not strive for perfection

Do not expect perfection in every role you play and in everything you do, it’s enough is you do it to the extent of your satisfaction, do your best and forget the rest.

7. The World will still continue to function well without you

Always be clear with the reality of life, this world will not come to a halt without you, it will still continue to function pretty well when you are not around, so take good care of yourself and make yourself happy.