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4 Warning Signs of Stress You Must Know Today

Stress which is sometimes referred to as depression is broadly classified into two types. Stress that arises due to external reasons. For example, stress due to reasons like the tsunami, natural disasters, death of a beloved person, abusive speeches etc. This can happen to anyone and quite common as well. Another type of stress is something that arises due to internal reasons. But this can vary from person to person depending up on their mental state. For example, attending an examination might be stressful for one person but another person might face the same examination with a lot of enthusiasm. So, internal reasons for stress will vastly vary from person to person.

Reasons for stress and depression will vary with age. Stress can happen due to various reasons for people from different ages. When parents scold their children, abusive speeches from people of same age group, burden due to education, struggle with relationships are some common reasons. Professional workers might get stressful due to their work nature, working women might get stressful due to teasing and sexually abusive co-workers. Older people could get depressed due to abusive children, bad health, and loneliness.

Four Warning Signs

Bodily signs: Diarrhoea, stomach pain, increased heart rate, headache.

Mental signs: forgetfulness, memory loss, lack of focus, problems with taking a decision.

Emotional Signs: Anxiety, excessive worry, unneeded anger, uncontrollable sadness and tears, irritation.

Habitual Signs: Postponing the works, nail biting, smoking, drinking.

These warning signs should not be taken lightly. They may seem like it’s normal but in fact, they are not. There are numerous dangerous health problems that arise due to this. Stress plays a major role in diseases like diabetes, stomach ulcer, headache, and high blood pressure. Additionally, it will affect our body’s immune system and paves way for numerous other diseases. This is the peak of depression and stress.

It can even lead us in a wrong direction. It can get us addicted to smoke, weed, and alcohol. But it doesn’t just end there, it will badly influence our relationships with family and friends as well. When stress and depression take control of us, it can badly impact our lifestyle on a day to day basis. It becomes a necessity to consult a professional psychologist or psychiatrist in these stages. Though small depression and stress are hard to contain, they can certainly be controlled.

Self analysis

Choose a calm and peaceful place, relax and analyze the things that Kindle stress in you. Instruct and condition yourself that you will not let these things influence you in future. Doing so you can reduce the impact of stress in your everyday life.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle like good sleep, waking up early, eating healthy foods at the right time, avoiding processed and bad foods, staying away from bad habits will help you in a great way to avoid stress and depression.

Divert your Attention

When certain things create a sort of tension in you, just try to divert yourself with other works such as eating out, drinking a cup of tea, taking a little walk. These things will help to relax your mind and keep you at ease.

Rule over You Mind

Focus your mind on things you love to do the most. When you ignore the things that create tension, fear and negative feelings and focus on doing things you love to do, you can prevent stress and depression to the maximum.

Learn to Live

Learn to face whatever life throws at you. Instead of worrying about things that happened in past, or what might happen in future, learn to live in the present moment and make the most of it. When you learn to live in the present by doing things you love to do and by being good to all the people around you, you can effectively say good bye to stress in your life.

Learn Meditation and Breathing Exercise

When you feel stressed you can practice meditation. Or you can try breathing exercise by focusing on your breath and try to slow down your breathing. When you are immersed in stress, depression or fear and these emotions start to impact your body, exercises like meditation and pranayama will be of great help to reduce the impact. Additionally, these exercises will keep your mind calm and clear.