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Top 4 Foods You Should not Eat During Night

Generally, you should consume only little and light foods at night. This is the reason why many people consume easily digestible foods for dinner. There is a legit reason behind it. When we sleep at night, our body automatically repairs itself of the damages on a cellular level. So the functioning of the liver, small intestines will be minimized during these times. When you consume fat rich and heavy foods during the night time, our body will take a really long time duration to digest it. Additionally, it will become a burden for our digestive system. So it retards the healing and repairing process. So you will not feel fresh the next morning. So eating light and easily digestible foods are the best option at night.

Deep Fried Foods

You should avoid eating deep fried foods at night. Eating foods like chips and fries will take a long time to digest. Also, secretion of digestive enzymes in the night will be lesser in quantity, so these foods will not digest properly. It can negatively impact your sleep and digestion. The food you eat at night could be an important reason as to why you are having disturbed sleep at night.

Avoid Coffee and Tea

Some people have the practice of drinking tea or coffee at night. Many drink it to avoid feeling drowsy. Coffee contains caffeine and cocoa. Both these compounds stimulate our nerves and keep our brain active. So avoid drinking coffee at night. It can ruin your sleep at night. It can make you feel more tired next morning. It can negatively affect your efficiency at work. So refrain from drinking coffee and tea at night.

No Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are bad for dinner. Many people fancy eating at a restaurant and fast food at night. They will have a stomach full of spicy food at night. Spicy foods will increase the secretion of stomach acids. It can lead to acid reflux, acidity, belching, and burping and spoil your sleep. So do not get addicted to taste for dinner.

Say No to Sweets

Avoid eating sweet and cold foods for dinner. Too much of sweet is not good for your health. When you eat sweets at night, it will increase your blood sugar levels. So say no to sweets and ice creams during dinner. We all love ice creams and popsicles. They might feel so good when you have it during night times, but they take a really long time to get digested.