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Top 10 Benefits and Home Remedies Using Lemon

Lemon is one of the most indispensable fruit in our home, it is one of the most popular citrus fruit in the world. We use lemons in many recipes and we also love the taste of lemonade. In this article, we will look into some of the unknown benefits and remedies for which lemon is most commonly used.

Upon Waking Up

Squeeze a lemon into a liter of warm water and drink this the first thing in the morning. It will keep your skin healthy and help flush toxins from the bowel and cleanse your stomach. Helps sets your gut up for the day. Your skin will thank you and your eyes will be clear. If you have sensitive teeth and are concerned about the enamel of your teeth, use a straw to drink. This practice will help to alkalize your body.

As an Astringent

Lemon will act as an astringent for your skin, it will cleanse and exfoliate dead skin. It can sting, so water it down to your needs.

For Final Rinse

Use lemon extract to give your hair a beautiful final rinse for your scalp and hair after shampooing. Lovely on blonde hair.

For Salad Dressing

You can replace vinegar with a mixture of lemon extract and olive oil. Your salad will taste much better and it will remain fresh.

For Cough and Cold

If you have initial signs of a cough and cold, make a mixture of lemon, garlic, and honey. We recommend manuka honey as it is rich in vitamins and has amazing healing properties. Chop garlic, add the juice of a whole lemon (you can add skin if you want) honey and hot water. Pour into a glass jar and let it sit. You can sip this as often as you need or drink the mixture hot.

To Purify Your Blood

Drink lemon water regularly will help purify your blood and will assist to strengthen your immune system.

For Weight Loss

Including lemon in your daily life will assist in weight loss and helps protect against inflammatory conditions.

Source of Vitamin-C

It contains vitamin-C, B6, E, folate, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, calcium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, and flavonoids.

Fights Cancer

As lemon has antioxidants and it can effectively repair the damaged cells, it contains well-known cancer-fighting properties.

Lemon is Inexpensive

The final point I want to make is, why not make a point of including lemons in your daily routine? It is simple, easy, and inexpensive. If you are considering the fabulous benefits it brings in for you and your family. And remember, for your emotions, if you are handed lemons (as the saying goes) MAKE LEMONADE!