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How Safe is The Chemical Peeling Treatment For Our Skin?

In the past, people used lactic acid present in the yogurt or curd and citric acid present in the lemon for skin care. But today, this space has been occupied by chemicals. Chemical peeling is the latest addition to skin care. This method is used for many reasons.

  • To increase the complexion
  • Soften the skin
  • Make the skin appear young
  • Remove wrinkles on the skin
  • Treat pimples
  • and many other reasons.

Using acids such as lactic and citric which doesn’t damage the skin in a specific combination and applying this mixture as a peel over the skin surface and wiping it off after few minutes is the method used for chemical peeling. The time duration of the peel will vary with the skin problem. This varies anywhere between two to seven minutes. After this time duration, the chemicals will be wiped off. This wiping off process is called neutralizing. The quantity and type of chemicals will vary for different people based on their skin problem. This treatment usually involves herbal chemicals like the ones extracted from sugarcane. So it is claimed to totally safe.

Types of peels

There are three types of peels used in this process.

  • Superficial Peel
  • Medium Peel
  • Deep Peel

The right peel for the person will be suggested by a Doctor.

Who can undergo this peeling treatment

People who suffer from pimples, lifeless skin, tan, dark spots, dark circles, sun damage, unhealed scars, wrinkles can take chemical peeling treatment. Additionally, bride and groom who want to look fresh and presentable in their marriage can take this treatment as well. Chemical peeling will fetch great results while getting prepared for the marriage. It fetches great results when it is done three months prior to the marriage.

If you need instant fresh skin, you can take instant peeling. This peel is called as party peeling. It will make your skin to look more vibrant for three to five days.

Who needs what peeling?

People with skin problems such as pimples, dark spots, tan etc.. need to undergo appropriate skin tests before deciding the right chemical combination to treat their problem.

For most skin problems superficial peel and medium peel would fetch great results. It will cleanse the skin surface and make it appear fresh and glowing. Doctors usually make use of glycolic and salicylic chemicals for these problems.

Those with excessive levels of pimples will undergo peeling which constitutes vinegar and a chemical extracted from jasmine flower. Similarly, a different chemical combination is used for dark circles and wrinkles.

If there is a severe skin problem, then Doctors will usually advise for advanced peeling method.

After the treatment

Chemicals used in this treatment will destroy the old skin cells and make way for new cells to be formed. It is similar to how the old cells die off when the new cells are formed in our body. For some people, the old skin might keep falling off even for one-week post-treatment. There is no need to feel fearful for it. Your face will start to glow once the new cells take its place.

How often can we take this treatment

People in the media field who want to look presentable in front of the camera all the time can take it once in every 20 days. Others can take it once a month. This will enrich your appears and make you look more attractive. Consuming foods like fish, almonds, fruit juices, citrus fruits, walnuts will make your skin glowy.

For the Attention of people who want to undergo chemical peeling

  • Children and pregnant women should not take peeling treatment
  • You should not be exposed to sunlight after taking the treatment. This will induce irritation in your skin when it is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • If the skin starts to peel off after the treatment, do not peel away the skin with your hands. It will peel off by itself.
  • After undergoing certain peeling treatment, you should not touch your face. You should not scratch the skin surface even if it feels a bit itchy. Doing so will make the skin look lifeless in the particular area.
  • Follow the directions of the Doctor for the usage of cleaner and sunscreens. Do not use any cosmetics without the Doctor’s permission.
  • Avoid face massage after the treatment.
  • Peeling treatment should not be taken in a beauty parlor. It should always be carried out by a dermatologist.

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