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Mydrink – Portable, Instant Soda and Sparkling Drink Maker

Most of us love carbonated drinks just for the feel of it. Any Doctors will advise against it, but it is not because of carbonated drinks, on the whole, is bad, but because all the bottled and packaged carbonated drinks are filled with harmful chemicals which are bad for our health. So what if you can prepare your own without any harmful chemicals? Sounds like a good idea is it not?

You can now do just that with this new Mydrink gadget from Tescoma. This portable drink maker comes in three parts. The drink maker, bottle, and the charger for CO2 which needs to be replaced.

Just attach the specially designed bottle in place in the drink maker, and with just 3 presses of a button, all the content of the bottle is carbonated in no time. So you can turn your lemonade, orange juice, or any of your favorite drink with ease with no real harmful chemicals for your health. Prepare it fresh and drink fresh.


So how long does the charger last?

A single charger can carbonate up to 85 liters of the drink. So once it goes empty you can purchase a new one from Tescoma.

How to carbonate the drink?

For plain soda, just fill the bottle with water to the needed level, close it with a special cap, and fit into place in the drink maker. Make sure the gas nozzles is dipped into the drink. After it is fitted into place press the button on top 3 times in quick succession. Once the drink is carbonated it can be removed from the drink maker and once the excess gas is released we can consume the drink. For lemonade and other similar drinks, the buttons need to be pressed for 3 to 5 times. The bottle can be filled up to 850ml max and it needs to be filled at the minimum of 200ml to carbonate.

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