Why Our Body Needs Chromium and What are its Sources?

Our body needs the metallic element called chromium in very small amounts. But it plays a very vital role in our health. It helps in regulating sugar levels in our blood. It mixes with insulin and aids in transferring energy from cells to the blood. Additionally, it plays an important role in the metabolism of protein and fats. It maintains brain and heart in good healthy condition.

Problems that Arises due to Chromium Deficiency

  • It affects the skin’s health
  • Leads to tiredness
  • Lack of control over blood sugar levels
  • Weakening of bones
  • Increase in fat levels in the body which will, in turn, affect the heart’s health
  • Lack of focus, attention, and memory problems
  • Eye sight problems
  • Unhealed wounds

Problems that Arises due to Excessive Levels of Chromium

  • Stomach related problems
  • Reduction in the levels of sugar in blood
  • Affects liver, kidneys, and nervous system
  • Increase in heart pulse rate

What are the sources?

  • Barley, oats, wheat, fenugreek, pepper
  • Greens, tomato, lettuce
  • Broccoli, ladysfinger, peas

How much Chromium Do We Need?

  • Women need 23 to 29 mg of chromium per day
  • Men need 39 to 54 mg of chromium per day