6 Golden Rules for People Who Work in Seated Position

A recent study reveals that people who work in sitting position for more than 5 hours a day increase their chances of heart disease by nearly 34 percent. Working in the seated position can turn into a hub for several other diseases as well. Apart from heart diseases, they become more vulnerable to diabetes, heart attack, cancer, and many other diseases. To prevent this known threat, these golden rules will play a very important role.

Do a little Stretching exercise

Do not stay seated for longer time duration and restrict yourself, once in an hour get out of your seat, stretch yourself and do some simple exercises. This will keep you active and more agile at work.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

If you keep seated for long, it not only tires your body, it will also make your brain tired as well. To prevent this, drink water and keep yourself hydrated at regular intervals.

Keep Your Computer at Right Distance

Do not push your eyes in close proximity to the monitor, maintain a good distance. Always make sure the monitor and your eyes are at the same level. Your hands should be at 90-degree angle while operating the keyboard.

Work in Standing Position

Now and then try to work in standing position. It is not only healthy for your body, it also helps you to burn around 50 calories in excess as compared to working in the seated position.

Take a Little Walk

Once in every one or two hours time frame, take a little break and walk for three to five minutes. You can also take a little walk while talking on your mobile phone.

Hit Your Thighs

When you work in a stressed environment, it will make you feel tired more rapidly. To avoid this tap or hit your thighs now and then, also hit your palms, Take a deep breath, this will provide your body with more oxygen. In turn, this will provide you with more energy. As it burns more calories, it will keep your brain more active and increase its efficiency.