11 Vital Healthy and Good Habits for Kids to Teach

Most of us bring up our children by threatening them and punishing more often. We make a list of things which they should not do, things create a sense of negativity in their minds. We punish them if they get low grades, we beat them if they fall down, we get furious towards them if they break something. Honestly how much pressure do our kids really needs to go through? Knowledge is something that needs to be fed with love. But is it how its really getting into our kid’s minds? Do know that all the faults you find with your kids are an indication that you have not brought them up well.

Its vital responsibility of every parent to implant good habits in to their Kids’ mind.

Things which our kids learn through their experience structures or shapes their character. Are we really providing the space and opportunity to our kids to let them learn things from their own experience? Things we imbibe and things our kids learn in their first 6 years will pave the essential and basic pathway for rest of their lives.

During these years they will listen and abide by whatever things we teach them. They trust us that whatever we teach them is the ultimate truth. We fill these vital years in our kids lives with negativity. I personally witnessed many parents threaten their kids with scary theories just to feed them food. Some parents threaten their kids that some devil will kidnap them if they go out in the hot sun. We feed their minds with many similar negative ideas. This damages their confidence and belief. Also, makes them face everything with a sense of fear.

1. Teach the kids to eat on their own

We spoil the importance of eating by spoon feeding them regularly. Feeding them by making them watch TV, and by scaring them are only punishments to their minds. Instead of spoon feeding them for 5 to 6 years, teach them how to eat on their own as early as possible.

2. Teach them to Brush their Teeth

The first thing you must teach your kids is how to brush their teeth. Many parents push their kids into bathroom while they are half asleep. They will brush their teeth, give them a bath, put on their clothes and get them ready for school. But the poor kid will still be half asleep. This is not the right way. We need to teach our kids how to brush their teeth the proper way. Initially, we would need to spend more time on this. We need to show them how to brush their teeth by brushing ours the right way. Before that make sure you are brushing your teeth the right way by consulting a dentist. When we brush our teeth the right way, it will help our kids as well.

3. Teach good habits by elaborating its reasons and its goodness

Before teaching anything to them, tell them why they should do it. Also, teach them the consequences of not doing it in detail. For example, teach them why it’s essential to take bath twice a day. Explain to them what are the advantages of taking bath twice a day. We can make them aware how taking bath refreshes our body and mind. What doesn’t kid like to spend time in the water?

4. Teach them by Rising Questions

Instead of forcing many things on kids who are really young, you can take their permission. You can rise small questions to them on things. Kids’ learning starts from these questions. Parents can use this method to make kids curious about things they need to learn.

5. Organize Yourself, It will make your Kids to be Organised as well

Waking up the kids in the morning and getting them ready for school has turned the morning hours into a literal battle zone in many homes. But it’s really not that complicated. Instructing the kids on things they need to do the following morning before going to bed, also planning what things needs to be done while waking up the next morning will make the morning hours more peaceful for everyone in the home.

6. Teach them to Poop at a Particular Time

Make them to poop every day at a specific time. Not teaching them this can lead to various diseases. Make sure it is the first thing they do every morning. Teach them the consequences of holding in poop and urine. Give kids lukewarm water the first thing after they wake up and give them a bath after 10 minutes. This will ensure there are no problems with their nature calls.

7. Sneezing with a Napkin

Teach them to use a napkin while they cough or sneeze. By watching your kids do this, even adults who do not have this habit will learn from them.

8. Teach them to Keep their Place Neat & Tidy

Teach your kids how to clean the toilets, how to find and dispose of useless things in their place, do it as a joint exercise with your kids. This will make them learn the importance of keeping their place and surroundings neat.

9. Teach them to Not to waste their Food.

This should not be done by just telling them “Do not waste your food”. While preparing your food, make sure they play a minor role in its preparation. Also, make them do little preparations that need to be done to the dining table before having their food. Once the kids learn the amount of work that goes into their food preparation, they will naturally learn not to waste it.

10. Give them Space to be alone

After 10 years kids need to be taught how to sleep alone. It’s a common practice in many western countries. This will help the kids to improve their self-confidence. In many Asian countries, it is a common practice to notice the kids sleeping with their parents even in their teenage. This will force the parents to sacrifice their life for the kids. It kills their privacy. It creates distance between husband and wife which makes them lose interest in their sexual life. This can lead to many problems in their lives.

It is unnecessary to sacrifice bodily needs for the sake of kids. Couples get married to live together. Kids are just a part of their lives. It’s necessary to make the kids become aware of it. Make a separate bedroom for kids who are over 10 years. It is important to make them sleep them in a separate room when they reach their puberty. This aloneness will give space for kids to plan, dream and think about their lives.

11. Make them aware about puberty

Talk to your girls about puberty when they are old enough to attain puberty. Make them aware of the bodily changes that result. Reaching puberty is a sign that their body is getting ready for reproduction, it is necessary that parents make their girls feel proud about it. Many of the girls feel that pain and bleeding during periods as a problem. To overcome this fear, parents can handle it in a scientific way. Making them aware of the need to take good care of them during these times is essential. Mothers should turn into a best friend for their girls.

Fathers can explain about the bodily changes in boys during their puberty. This age will change the way they look at members of opposite sex and their thoughts about them. This can lead to a lot of confusion. It’s a duty of a father to make them understand this. A boy will start to look at girls in class and in the neighbourhood as slaves if his father treats his wife like a slave. Mentally women are more balanced than men. Women can multitask way much better than men. When we teach all the positive aspects of a woman to boys, they will start to gather more respect towards them and it will make them have a healthier mindset about opposite sex.