11 Best Food Habits to Keep you Healthy & Lose Weight

Is it frustrating for you because no matter what exercise or workouts you do, your weight doesn’t seem to reduce at all? Also is it really hard for you keep your mouth locked and there is always a craving for more food? So how to go about controlling this? What is the really good food practice and how to achieve it?

Some tips for you to get started with your journey

1. There is a type of hunger called “Fake hunger ”. It happens when you are on a diet, and when you have restrictions on what food to eat and what not to eat. When you get this feeling, it’s enough if you drink one or two glasses of water, it will disappear. Alternatively, you can also drink fresh fruit juice without any sugar.

2. When you feel hungry, you can have sugar-free chewing gun, to hold your hunger temporarily. You might feel hungry while cooking your food, this is due to acid secretion in your stomach. During those times you can use chewing gum to control your hunger.

3. If there is a craving feeling, you can go on for a little walk to divert yourself from it.

4. If you feel hungry in-between two meal sessions, you can have some fruits instead of snacks.

5. There is something called “Bite Rule” which advises you to chew your foods thoroughly and slowly while eating. This will help you to satisfy your hunger better, also you will start to feel full after your meal. You will not feel hungry in-between two courses of a meal.

6. Make it a habit of brushing your teeth in the morning and in the night before going to sleep. It’s also necessary to clean your mouth thoroughly after a meal.

7. Stop the habit of eating in standing position. This is bad for your health

8. Do not munch on food leftovers of your babies and kids, these foods are not for adults.

9. Don’t get into the kitchen after 8 pm. Make it a habit of finishing off your dinner before this time.

10. Have a salad, fruits, and soups 30 minutes before your meal session. This will make you eat less.

11. Prepare a diet list of all the foods you will eat on a particular day. This will help you to know what quantity of food you consume every single day. It will also help you to understand which foods are best suited for your health.