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Bedwetting: Best Home Remedies and How to Stop it

Bedwetting is a worrying problem especially for the new parents, it is not just about wetting the bed, it is more about cleaning up afterward knowing pretty well you just might have to clear the mess again the very next day. But punishing your kids for it is not going to help the situation in any way. Just know that bedwetting is not a permanent problem, eventually, it will come to a stop. So have a clear head and try some of the techniques mentioned here to ease the situation.

Why kids wet their bed at night?

Naturally, bedwetting is a usual thing when you have a baby, but what worries you probably is the fact that your little grown-up kid is still continuing with the habit. Statistically, nearly seven million children worldwide over the age of six have this problem, so your kid is not alone. If that makes you feel any better. The problem might be your kid is producing more urine during the night or he/she has a small urinary bladder.

How to control Bed wetting problem?

  • If your kids are more attracted to carbonated beverages that contain caffeine, restrict its intake during the nights. Caffeine is known to irritate the bladder at night and make them urinate uncontrollably. Also, keep a check on the level of fluid intake particularly at night before heading to sleep.
  • If your kid has the habit of drinking a glass of milk, try stopping it for a while and check if it makes any difference. Some children become allergic to proteins in the milk such as casein and whey after a certain age. This allergy can stimulate their bedwetting habit.
  • Always make your kids urinate before heading to sleep. This practice is not going to stop the bedwetting habit, but this will reduce the amount of urine released during sleep. This is a kind of damage control.
  • Do not excite your children before they head to sleep, excitement increases the urine production. Maintain a calm and quiet environment before they head to sleep. If possible read them a nice calming story while putting them to sleep.
  • Make use of a bedwetting alarm which gives out a little sound or vibrates when it detects moisture. But make sure to but a model that is comfortable for your kid. You can seek the help of your Doctor and make him recommend a trustable brand.

Do note that bedwetting alarms take some time to induce changes, so do not give up after few failed attempts. Use it for at least for a month or two to notice changes.

Protect your mattress

Constant urination on your mattress can spoil it and its a pain to clean it up. So make use of a zippered plastic mattress cover to protect it at night, these are easy to clean and can reduce the anxiety and stress for both yourself and your child.

Make your kid take up some responsibility

Ask your kid to help you with your cleaning task like laundering the bedsheets, clothes and making the bed after bedwetting. They should not feel like that its a punishment but an extra responsibility they have to learn.

Can Doctor Help?

There are some studies that are conducted in the past on bedwetting. Some of it revealed the fact that most kids who tend to wet their bed have Antidiuretic Hormone deficiency. This hormone helps to retain water in the kidneys and regulating the amount of urine that gets into the bladder. This hormone deficiency will make a person to produce more urine. Doctors usually prescribe for a nasal spray that contains a synthetic version of this hormone which should be used before putting your children to sleep. But behavioral changes with a little help from bedwetting alarm produces best results in the long run.

Quick fact

Do you know that if both the parents had the habit of wetting their beds as a kid, their offspring has 70 percent chances of having the same problem.