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Top 20 Simple Tips to Prevent Cancer Recurrence

The very word cancer creates a sort of fear in everyone. But, cancer is completely curable when it is detected in its early stages, and the person affected by cancer can return to his normal healthy life after the completion of successful cancer treatment. People who came out of cancer will have more interest in keeping themselves more healthy. But, most of them do not have a proper guidance on what they need to do to achieve it. In this article, we will look into vital things to do for people who successfully recovered from cancer.


Regular exercise plays a great role in keeping us healthy. Spending 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week to exercise will greatly improve the quality of life for cancer patients. They should avoid extreme workouts during initial days of recovery. Climbing the steps, going for a casual walk in the evenings are the best exercises to start with.  Stretching and other exercises can be taken up after a couple of months with Doctor’s advice. Also, all the regular exercises should be initially monitored by an expert trainer, to ensure that it is done properly.

Following changes takes place within few days of regular exercise.

  • The body will start to gather more strength. Additionally, it gives the mental strength to face anything situation.
  • Reduction in depression and stress.
  • Pains will start to reduce.
  • The quality of sleep at nights will improve.
  • Brings in positive outlook towards life.

Food Habits

  • It is necessary to have a balanced diet. Daily diets should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, herbs, sprouts, greens. This will ensure the body gets all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins it needs.
  • Foods in rich in omega 3 fatty acids should be included in your regular diet.
  • Trans fat foods and Foods that contain saturated fats can be avoided.
  • Protein and essential fatty acids rich foods such as fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, lentils, dry fruits, vegetables, greens, and meats without outer skin are good for health.
  • Carbohydrates rich foods such as whole grains, lentils, and vegetables can be included in daily diet.
  • Some foods fight against cancer cells, this includes turmeric, ginger, garlic, onions, cinnamon, fennel seeds, cloves, curry leaves, broccoli, green tea, avocado, pepper, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, and many others. These foods will help in regulating the body’s metabolism. Additionally, they will destroy the free radicals that are responsible for cancer cell formations. Therefore, these food items must be regularly included in the diet for cancer survivors.
  • Before taking any supplements, make sure to get the consultation from the Doctor. Because the increase in certain nutrients or vitamins in the body can lead to unexpected complications.
  • Packaged foods, foods with artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners,  junk foods, and deep fried foods must be avoided at any cost.
  • After a surgery, some people might experience mineral imbalance. Getting the appropriate test to find out deficient the minerals and modifying the diet accordingly will be necessary.
  • There will be side effects due to cancer medications and treatments, this includes vomiting, tiredness, pain, headache etc.. Getting Doctor’s guidance to reduce these side effects can bring needed relief.

Maintaining healthy weight

After cancer treatment, there will be variations in body weight. It is necessary to maintain a healthy body weight with respect to the height.

People who lost a lot of weight during the treatment must modify their diets accordingly to gain weight. On the contrary, people who put on more weight should take necessary measures to reduce it. At the maximum, they can try to lose 1 kg per week. Sudden to quick weight loss is not healthy for the body.

Give up smoking and drinking habits

Tobacco is a carcinogen, it will trigger cancer cell formation. So, quit smoking. Giving up smoke will reduce the chances of reoccurrence of cancer.

Alcohol alters the body’s metabolism, so drinking alcohol after cancer treatment is strictly prohibited.

Lifestyle Changes

  • Positive thinking and optimism play a major role in fighting cancer. So it is necessary to feel motivated always. Reading motivational quotes, books, and reaching to people with a positive outlook towards life is essential.
  • Our body needs 8 hours of sleep every single day without fail, this is really important to keep body’s metabolism in the normal range.
  • Tablets and medications prescribed by Doctors to reduce side effects must be regularly consumed without fail.
  • Patients who undergo radiation therapy will carry the effects of those radiations for few days, so they should prefer a separate room. These radiations will be released from their body through saliva, sweat, and urine. So, they should use separate plates for food, tumblers or glasses for water, and if possible a separate restroom. For some reason, if it is not possible to use a separate restroom, they should flush the toilets twice after using it.
  • Radiation therapy patients should avoid getting near pregnant women or babies for first 15 days after the treatment. Because the radiation released from their body can affect the fetus and babies.
  • Some kinds of cancer treatments restrict certain food types for certain time period after its completion. So, getting Doctor’s advice on this will be necessary.
  • Body weight, levels of blood sugar, vitamins, blood pressure, and minerals must be maintained in the normal range at all times. So checking it periodically with appropriate tests is a good idea.
  • It is necessary the cancer patients be open to a person close to them, and not hold back their pains because the other person might feel bad. They should share their feelings and emotions with their close family members and Doctors and get the needed help and support.

For the attention of caretakers

  • Do not avoid or stay away from the cancer patient. Right love and care would go a long way to cure their disease and help them to recover from it completely. Always be there for them and give them the strength they need.
  • Be attentive if the person is taking the necessary medications for side effects regularly as prescribed by Doctor.
  • Patients who have undergone chemo and radiation therapy may experience mood swings and behave rudely sometimes. Avoid reflecting those emotions back on them and give them all the care you can.
  • Radiation therapy patients need to stay alone for few days after the treatment, so talk to them regarding its need, and let them know they are not alone in their fight for cancer.
  • Get to know about the patient’s body condition. Give them necessary first aid when needed at the right time. Do not hold back to serve them rightly.