10 Instant Remedies When You are Belching a Lot

Belching happens when there is excess levels of air is stuck inside our body. Also belching only happens with air stuck in the stomach. Once the air reaches the intestines, it will be released through the colon. But some people keep belching frequently. Belching frequently in the workplace can be quite disturbing to others around. In some people, it is the source of stress as they get embarrassed in front of others when it occurs more frequently. So how to stop it?

  • Drinking cold water regularly will stop belching.
  • Siping in carbonated drinks can help a lot to stop it.
  • When there is frequent belching, drinking mint tea will stop it instantly.
  • Drinking warm black tea will provide much-needed relief
  • Eating a few fennel seeds will stop frequent burping. Though it may not provide instant relief, but eating it regularly will act as a permanent cure for this problem.
  • Drinking elachi tea will enhance digestion process and stop burping instantly.
  • Chewing a piece of ginger or drinking ginger tea will stop frequent burping.
  • Citrus fruits will bring in much-needed relief for this problem
  • Orange fruit, in particular, does an excellent job of removing air from stomach instantly and stop the burping process
  • Drink a cup of lemon juice every day without adding any sugar, this will not only enhance the digestion process but also cure frequent belching.

Hope these tips provide much-needed relief from this embarrassing problem. So next time you have this problem, you exactly know what you need to do to stop it.