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Why is yawning contagious? Is yawning bad for health?

It’s quite common to notice when someone yawns, the other person who is in close proximity starts to yawn as well. So what is the reason behind this? Let’s take a look at the possible reasons.

When yawning happens while we are tired, hungry, and before we get to sleep, it means our body needs some rest. Yawning is just a sign to make us become aware of it. Babies mostly yawn because they are either tired or feeling drowsy.

Yawning helps to relax muscles in the mouth and tongue. When a person yawn while staying in the regretful, and hateful situation, another person in proximity who shares the same emotion, starts to yawn as well, as his brain acts instinctively just at the sight of it. For example, a person who lectures in class doesn’t yawn, but the students who listen to the lecture does.

Yawning will make us breathe in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. Brain signals these lungs to make it happen. Yawning can be quite dangerous to patients in the critical care unit and patients who suffer from hemiparesis. These patients require immediate attention and need tests for blood pressure. It indicates there is a reduction in the oxygen level that enters the brain.


Yawning is not a disease but is a sign or indication. Your body needs a good rest and sleep if you yawn more frequently. It’s better to have a small nap for an hour. On many occasions, it should be enough if we remove ourselves from regretful and uncomfortable situations. If that’s not possible, have a good face wash and keep yourself fresh.