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What are Phytochemicals and Why do we need It?

Phytochemicals are needed by our body for various functions. Fiber and antioxidants are rich in phytochemical.


Fibre rich foods prevent constipation and help with digestion. Additionally, it also prevents weight gain, diabetes, heart diseases, intestine cancer etc. Greens, green vegetables, fruits, and sprouts are rich in fiber content.


Antioxidants play a very vital role of keeping free radicals under control. Similarly, it keeps heart diseases, asthma, arthritis, joint pains, cancer, diabetes under check.

Some really vital antioxidants


  • It helps to improve immunity.
  • It keeps eyes, skin, and bones in healthy condition.
  • Yellow pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, orange, broccoli, and greens are rich in Beta-Carotene.


  • Lycopene prevents heart diseases
  • Grapes, tomato, watermelon, and capsicum contain lycopene.


  • Helps to maintain healthy eyes and prevents cancer.
  • Greens, lettuce, sprouts, bitter gourd contains lutein.


  • Keeps heart and lungs in healthy condition.
  • Heals wounds caused by cancer
  • Red wine, groundnut, and grapes are rich in Resveratrol.


  • Helps to maintain clean arteries.
  • Plums, onion, radish are rich in anthocyanin.


  • Helps to reduce pain during periods in women.
  • Helps to prevent breast cancer.
  • Maintains bones in healthy condition.
  • Soybeans, soymilk, rajma, chenna are rich in isoflavones.