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What are Antioxidants and Why do we need it?

Keep hearing the word antioxidants from Doctors, chefs, dieticians and from people around us more frequently. Have you ever wondered what is it? Why our body needs it and what is the actual role of antioxidants?

Our body is constantly bombarded by oxidants through our polluted surroundings and from the food we consume. These oxidants are nothing but toxins which are harmful to our health. We also call these oxidants as free radicals, these substances can catalyze our aging process and leads to various diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes, and even cancer.

Anti-oxidants on the other hand fight against these free radicals and protects us from its harmful effects. Anti-oxidants are rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, and greens.

How do the Antioxidants work?

Anti-oxidants protect the cells in our body. It regulates the damage caused to the normal cells. It fights against any existing diseases or ill effects in our body. As it plays a very important role in protecting our body cells, it is very helpful for all the treatments related to cancer. Additionally, its role is irreplaceable for cell related conditions and diseases.

What are best sources of anti-oxidants?

It is present in high volumes in Vitamin-A, E, and C. So when we consume vegetables and fruits which are rich in these vitamins, we are already consuming a lot of antioxidants. Carrots, greens, broccoli, eggs, peas, orange, sweet lime, papaya are some rich sources of it.

What are the goodnesses achieved through antioxidants?

People with lungs related diseases and diabetes need high levels of antioxidant intake. So when these people alter their food habits that supports rich sources of antioxidants, they gain maximum benefit out of it. Additionally, antioxidants also fight against heart diseases and it repairs the damaged cells present in the heart and strengthens the organ.

Apart from these, antioxidants have a big role in cosmetics and beauty industry, it is used in many products and treatments related to skin and hair disorders. When you regularly consume foods rich in antioxidants, it fights against most skin problems and makes your skin, soft, supple, and glowing. When your purchase beauty products that are rich in antioxidants, they fetch almost immediate results. It is antioxidants that remove the fatigue in our body and makes us feel refreshed.

When do we need high quantities of antioxidants?

As antioxidants are needed for people from all age groups and sex, it is needed for each and every one of us. People with initial stage cancer, heart and lung diseases need high levels of antioxidant intake. Doing so helps to minimise and ease their condition to a considerable extent. Old age people and diabetes patients, in particular, will need high quantities of it.

On some very rare occasions, people with lung infections might need to limit the antioxidant levels in their body. But apart from this rare instance, we all need antioxidant in high levels for the healthy functioning of our body.

So, do not hesitate to make a list of all the antioxidant-rich foods and include them regularly in our diet.