One of the biggest challenge for most or all the women while traveling or going on a vacation, while having a bath at the beach or in waterfalls is changing their clothes. Surrounded by strangers in a public place, this is one of the hardest and challenging tasks indeed. there is always a fear lurking around the mind till its over. But looks like this problem is being addressed by some folks at Kickstarter. And their innovation looks promising indeed.

What is The Undress V3?

The undress V3 is a unique solution to address the problem of changing the dress for women in public, without getting naked or the fear of it. This dress features a clever design, so matter what you are wearing, you can replace it with this dress without any fear of going naked in public or while surrounded by people.

Additionally, if you want to redress while wearing this one? its simple as well, all you have to do is just reverse the process and you are back into your new outfit and you are ready to go.

What are the other special features?

  • Other than serving its main purpose, this unique dress comes with a variety of cool features.
  • This dress is one size fits all, so matter your weight or height, you will fit right into it and still look great
  • There is a special edition for junior girls as well.
  • It can be worn in four different ways. Empire, loose, fitted and belted style.
  • Has special padding in the chest area, so you can even wear it without a bra and you will be fully covered
  • It has two hidden pockets under a zipper which lets you store stuff like mobile phones, keys, etc..
  • It can be converted into a small shoulder bag, if you want to carry small items with you, this one is going to be helpful.
  • Can be used as a seat cover. But it is not made for that purpose.
  • Available in three different versions. Basics, Prints, and Athletics. Choose what suits you the best.
  • Comes with the super shawl, just in case if you do not feel comfortable with the sleeveless design, this shawl has got you covered. Additionally, it can also keep you warm.

What is the price?

The Undress V3 is currently under crowd funding. It costs $69 without the super shawl and $99 with the super shawl. But its pricing is expected to increase when it gets into full production.

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