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Tupperware Press Master Juicer – Juice Citrus Fruits with Ease

A glass of citrus juice a day keeps the diseases at bay should be a modern saying. Many Doctors claim we should include citrus fruits and citrus juices into our daily life. Citrus fruits effectively improve the body’s immunity. Additionally, many studies have found out that it keeps and protects us from many diseases. This includes cancer.

But juicing citrus fruits is a laborious task indeed. We have many citrus juicers available in the market. But most of them are not quite effective or hard to use. But Tupperware Press master juicer is the best way to juice citrus fruits.

It is as effective as expensive manual citrus juice pressing tools that are used at many juice outlets. But it comes at an affordable price point. So anyone can afford one and reap the maximum benefits out of citrus fruits.

It comes in three parts. The Base, The Connector, and the press master accessory. The base firmly gets fixed on to any surface. The connector helps with connecting the press master accessory to the base.

Once everything is fixed in to place. All you have to do is place a juice tray to collect the juice in place, and put in the citrus fruits into press master accessory.

As the base is firmly attached to the surface, you can exert maximum force while juicing, and extract maximum juice out of citrus fruits.

The accessory comes apart, and it can also be used without the base for juicing. The choice is yours. But no matter what, its unique and skillful design will extract the maximum amount of juice.

Almost all the parts come apart, so it can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Like all other Tupperware products, you can be sure of its quality and it will last longer.

What is the price?

It sells for $47.00 with extra charging for shipping on Amazon.

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