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Tupperware Mandoline – Transform the Way You Slice Vegetables

One of the hardest part of making chips, french fries or in general cooking is slicing and dicing your vegetables. It is one of the most time-consuming work, plus it needs some special skills to slice your veggies in equal thickness.

Tupperware Mandoline will help you slice your vegetables and fruits the way you want. Additionally, it will save you a lot of time in the process.

Mandoline has 4 components. The base, guard, blades, and guiding sheet with instructions on how to cut. The base has rear foldable legs, and all four legs of the base are rubberized so it can grip on to any surface. Unfolding the rear legs will make the base to slant a little at an angle which makes it more comfortable to use.

It can cut vegetables and fruits in 8 different ways. Slice, julienne, diamond, cube, stick, waffle, crinkle stick, and crinkle slice. These involve separate blades and unique cutting styles which are easy to learn with the guiding sheet that has graphical instructions.

There are two different dials at the sides of the base. One dial is for choosing the thickness of the slices and cuts from 1 to 9mm. Another dial is for choosing the thickness of julienne blades, which comes in two different thickness of 6 and 9mm.

It has a smart storage box to store the blades safely, and it can be clipped in to place at the bottom of the mandolin when not in use. This makes the whole slicer compact and easy to store.

Using the guard when cutting the vegetables is mandatory and not optional. Its blades are pretty sharp and not using the guard is a sure way to getting hurt.

What are the advantages of using Mandoline?

  • It slices and cuts the vegetables in 8 different ways.
  • It makes the slicing and cutting vegetables more simple and swift.
  • It is easy to store with foldable feet and separate clipping place for blades.
  • Made out of highly durable and food safe plastic.

What is the price?

Mandoline sells for around $75 with extra charges for Shipping.

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