Tops Tips on Summer Camp for Kids, What You Should Know

While teachers of other subjects invade in to play time for kids at school. Summer vacations are mostly considered as heaven by kids who love to play.

On the other hand, it is a big struggle for parents to keep their naughty kids under control. Escape route for most parents from this problem is to register their Kids for a summer camp.

Present lifestyle locks down kids in to the apartments. Summer camps plays a major role in preventing the kids from getting locked down. In this article we will look in to things that needs to be kept in mind for parents before sending their kids to these special summer camps.

Importance of Sports and Games

Sports and games contributes to better health, refreshed mind, better blood flow throughout the body and many other positive impacts. It doesn’t bring in any negative changes as well.

Sending the kids for sports training classes helps us to identify their interests. Indulging the kids in to these activities might help them to identify their passion in later part of their lives.

Sports not only develops physical fitness in kids, it also brings in many positive changes in their minds. like developing good relations with other people, giving equal level of importance to both winning and losing. It develops their self confidence.

Instead of indulging the kids in to a single sport, they can train them in two or three games simultaneously. It will help the parents to identify the right sport which their kids enjoy and love the most. This helps to take their training to next level in that particular sport. Also sports will prevent smartphone and internet addiction.

Taking a general health checkup for kids and consulting the Doctor is very vital before sending the kids to any training or sports camp. Before indulging the kids in to sports that demands a lot of energy and hard work, like cricket, foot ball, skating… kids can be consulted with a sports therapist or orthopedist.

It is wrong to make the kids involve in the sport for the whole day. It can lead to addiction for that particular sport. Once the kids start to love a particular sport, they will naturally take it to the next level.

Forcing the kids to play a particular sport on which they show no interest must be avoided.

During summer camps instead of enrolling  them in to art and craft classes, they can be registered for swimming, running and sports that encourages a lot of physical activity. This does more good for their health.

Swimming Classes for Kids

Swimming packs in a lot of good benefits. Kids who are older than 3 years can take training for swimming without any second thoughts. Swimming supplies with Vitamin-D for kids. Its a very good sport for children with asthma and other breathing related problems. It will improve the functioning of lungs and also its overall health. It cures all the breathing problems.

There are two types of swimming pool, one is “Open swimming pool” and the other one is “Closed swimming pool”. Open swimming pools are exposed to sun light, while the closed ones are located inside buildings and have closed roofs. Open swimming pools are more healthy than the closed ones. Many people decide to go with closed swimming pools to avoid tanning due to direct sun light. This needs to be avoided. Swimming helps to tone up all muscles in children body. It will give them a refreshed feel both physically and mentally.

Right Summer Camps for Obese Kids

Children who are little obese or over weight can be involved in sports like cricket, football which demands a lot of energy. Additionally, snacks and oily foods must be completely avoided while indulging in these sports.

It is a bad idea to send obese children to gym. Sending the kids to gym while they are very young will lead to joint pains.

Sports like skating can be practiced by kids who are older than 5 years.

Sending kids who are older than 10 years to games like chess, abacus will help to develop their mathematical and logical skills. It will also improve their memory.

Involving Girls In Sports

Indulging girls in sports is equally important as it is with boys. But many parents hesitate to involve their girls in to sport. This is due to misconceptions, like sports will change their body structure, it will lead to hormone imbalance etc… Sports will help to strengthen the bones in girls. It will prevent obesity.

Parents only need to monitor whether their girls have proper training and guidance. Other than that its totally fine to involve girls in sports.