Top 9 Best White Foods You Must Consume Regularly

One the most heard advise from many people around us would be to avoid white colored foods. It has even become a popular trend among many people who want to lose weight as well.

Many people have completely avoided white colored foods thinking that it would be harmful to their health. But the truth is, not every white food is bad for your health.

We cannot deny the fact that white sugar, white colored refine flours and rice are harmful to our health. But at the same time, many white foods are rich in natural nutrients as well. We will look into some of those foods here.


Radish is one of the root vegetables that have very fewer levels of calories. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber. It protects us from prostate, breast, colon, and uterus cancers.

White Onion

Sulphur present in white onion will postpone the aging process. Additionally, it prevents catching a cold. It contains a chemical compound called Allicin which effectively regulates the cholesterol and blood pressure.


Eggs are rich in fat, protein, vitamins, iron, omega-3 fatty acid, and many other nutrients. The yellow part of the egg is rich in fat, while the white part is rich in protein. It strengthens the bones and teeth.


Banana contains potassium, Vitamin-B, and magnesium. It regulated blood pressure and cures constipation and other stomach disorders.


Coconuts are widely used in many recipes. Coconuts are rich in many nutrients. It helps in brain growth and absorbing nutrients to the body cells. It keeps the skin and eyes in healthy condition. Regulated thyroid secretion. Prevents Alzheimer disease. Strengthens the immune system.

Milk Products

It is rich in folic acid, thiamin, and potassium. It contains amino acids, calcium, lactose, and protein. Lactic acid present in milk products helps the body to absorb protein and fiber. Reduces the aggression of stomach ulcers. Strengthens bones and teeth. Cures osteoporosis disease. Prevents bone damage in older people.


Cauliflower is rich in fiber content. So it is easily digested. Antioxidants present in cauliflower prevents cancer.

White Pumpkin

It has high levels of water, calcium, and sodium content. It is one of the best foods for diabetes patients. It cures digestion problems and constipation. It reduces fat content in the body. Additionally, it is a good medicine for the prostate problems and urinary infections in men.

White Garlic

Antioxidants present in white garlic will strengthen the immune system. Additionally, it removes the cholesterol deposits present in the arteries. It protects us from various heart diseases.

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