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Top 8 Skin Care Tips Before Going to Bed

Our busy life made us spend almost zero time on skin care. But our skin demands right care not only during the daytime but during the night times as well. In particular, we need more care during the night over the daytime. Many Doctors claim that when we develop certain habits to give right care to your skin before going to sleep, we can definitely preserve its beauty for a long time.

Sleep in a Dark Room

One the primary need for a healthy skin is seven to eight hours of deep sleep every single day. We need to develop the habit sleeping in a dark room that has almost zero light. This will encourage the secretion of melatonin hormone. This hormone is very vital to have deep sleep.

Good Food at Night

If you cannot eat fruits during the day time, you can practice eating it before going to sleep. It will make your skin to look beautiful. Additionally, you can consume nuts like almonds and take in supplementary tablets with Doctor’s advice.


Probiotics are foods that contain microbes like yeast and bacteria that are good for your health. Apart from doing good to your health, it is good for your skin as well. So if you like consuming probiotics, you can take it in the form of supplements at night with Doctor’s direction.

Remove Your Makeup

It is a bad practice to get to sleep without removing your makeup. Foundation to all the powders you use for makeup will clog the pores in your skin and will make it difficult for your skin to breath fresh air. So you should always remove your makeup before going to sleep.

Mild Massage

Use a night cream to mildly massage your skin before going to sleep. This will increase the blood circulation to the skin and make it appear fresh. But, do not use any oil to massage the face. If you use any oils like olive oil, coconut on your face for any reason, do not let it stay for more than 20 minutes.

Milk is Good for Skin

Dip a little cotton ball into milk and rub it gently over the skin to remove the dirt and germs on the skin surface. This will cleanse your skin and keep your skin in healthy condition. Additionally, lactic acid present in the skin will make it appear bright.

Night Creams

You can use night creams that contain Vitamin E, and Vitamin C before going to sleep. This will prevent cell damage in the skin and make your skin feel refreshed in the morning.

Try Meditation

Early morning is usually considered as the best time for meditation. But, people who have difficulties in falling asleep at night can practice meditation at night before going to sleep. It will slow down your brain functioning and help you to sleep faster. As mentioned earlier, right sleep will keep your mind and skin fresh. Do not skip your sleep for any reason.

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