Top 8 Food Types that Impacts Your Intelligence and Brain

Do our daily foods which we consume regularly provides us with all the nutrients we need for the day? I guess the short answer to this question would be a big NO.

Only around 20% to 30% of the food we consume fetches us the necessary nutrients. Rest of it is only involved in ruining our health is the fact.

We eat most of the foods just for its taste. But most of these foods which taste good are bad for our health.

From the nutrition standpoint, we need to mention all types of foods.

For example, some types of foods help us to reduce weight, some other food types helps to increase our brain activity and increases memory, on the contrary, some food types will reduce the brain activity and reduce your intelligence.

When you reduce the level of foods that can adversely impact your health and brain, you can minimise its bad effects to a considerable extent.

Sugar Rich foods

Sugar and sugar-rich foods not only make you gain more weight, they will also do harm to your brain’s health.

When you regularly consume sugar-rich foods it can trigger nervous problems and affects your memory. Not just that, sugary foods can reduce your learning abilities. It is due to this reason we must reduce or avoid consuming sweet, sugar, sweetened food items, and corn syrup.


Alcohol consumption will affect our liver health on the long run. It leads to a problem called brain fog. This disease will create confusion and affects a person’s cognitive abilities including memory.

Due to this reason, regular drinkers of alcohol will often forget names of people, things, and objects. They will have difficulties with recalling certain events. Sometimes they find it hard to distinguish real world and dream world.

Junk Foods

A study that was conducted by Montreal University concluded that chemicals used in junk foods leads to chemical changes in our brains and leads to depression, stress, and worry.

We undergo similar emotions when we have to stop the habit of eating fat-rich foods. This type of foods stops the dopamine secretion. Dopamine hormone makes us feel happy and it is essential for our good health.

Apart from this, dopamine increases brain activity and neural connections thereby increase our memory, cognitive skills, and intelligence.

Deep Fried Foods

Almost all the preserved and packaged foods contain chemicals, artificial flavor enhancers, and preservatives.

It badly impacts the intelligence and memory in children and adults equally. Deep fried and packaged severely damages brain cells.

At the same time, there are certain oil types are really bad for our health and brain. Sunflower oil ranks first among these harmful cooking oils.

Packaged and Preserved Foods

Similar to deep fried foods preserved and packaged foods are also harmful to our nervous system. Consuming these foods regularly will drastically increase the chances for Alzheimer disease.

Salty Foods

We know that salty foods will directly impact our blood pressure. Additionally, it will affect our heart’s health. Many research on salty foods revealed they severely impact our cognitive skills.

Salt and foods with nicotine content will create a sort of addiction. When you give these foods, it will increase the interest towards it.

Packaged Protein

Protein is responsible for muscle growth and proper functioning of our body.

Meat is the source of high-quality protein. But packaged and preserved protein in foods like salami, sausages etc.. should be avoided.

Natural protein protects our nervous system. But preserved protein does just the opposite.

So always consume foods rich in natural protein like Fish,  tuna, salmon, milk products, walnut, and seeds.

Fat Rich Foods

Fat rich foods can severely impact our health. It can lead to heart problems, increases cholesterol levels, and lead to weight gain.

This can affect the brain activity as well. It is one of the main reason for stroke. When you regularly consume fat-rich foods, it will make our brain to shrink in size.

Following which it can affect the arteries. Top stop stroke, and heart attack we need to minimise the consumption of fat-rich foods or avoid it completely.

Artificial Sweeteners

Some people replace sugar with artificial sweeteners in order to lose weight rapidly. They think artificial sweeteners will make them slim in no time.

It is true that artificial sweeteners have very little calories. But it does more bad than good to our health.

When you consume artificial sweeteners for a long duration of time, it will affect our brain’s health. Additionally, it will impact our intelligence in a negative way.