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Top 8 Dangerous Problems that attacks Men Over Women


We assume women to be weaker sex based on their peripheral physical strength. But do you know that men who are considered as stronger sex over women are more prone to cancer, diabetes, heart problems, and many more diseases? So what are the problems that are faced by most men? and what are its solutions?

What separates men from women is the presence of chromosomes in both sexes. Women belong to XX chromosome type and men belong to XY chromosome type. As both the chromosomes in women belong to the same type, they are naturally more strong. It is due to this reason, men are vulnerable to more diseases. Apart from this, there are medical and social reasons as well. Men are more affected by social issues over women. More men commit suicide over women through out the world.

Tension filled Puberty

Both men and women go through several hormonal and bodily changes during puberty. When a woman reaches her puberty, her mother, or her relatives provide her with some right knowledge about the changes she is going through. But when a boy goes through his puberty, he gets half baked knowledge about it through his friends. This gives him wrong idea about sex and intercourse.

Boys naturally find the other sex more attractive and seductive. Many teenage boys misunderstand this feeling to be love and lose their sane mind set. When they do not find right moral support from family, relatives, and friends during these times, it makes them feel more frustrated, and this gives them a fake a self-esteem about themselves. Due to this, they easily get misled to wrong paths in life such as theft, violence, rape, and other unlawful activities. Increase in the number of crimes committed by minors and increase in the number of suicides committed by minors in recent times is the clear indication of this phenomenon.

Many men struggle because there are not guided well when it comes to their sexual problems. Most men feel shy to talk about it. Their hormone secretions naturally start to increase rapidly upon witnessing beautiful women, in movies, on the internet, and in magazines. This makes their mind to be more sexually inclined. This feeling rises many sexual related questions in men but most of these questions go unattended or attended with half baked knowledge.

Men must seek proper guidance to their sexual problems and deal with them in the right direction. Only 60 to 65 percent of men living in the city has the healthy sperm count. Additionally, many men feel helpless during sex. This is making them behave more aggressively in personal and social lives. Lack of proper guidance and right education about sex is the main reason for this.

Andropause Stage

Just like women reach their menopause stage around the age of 40, many men go through andropause stage around this age as well. It is one of the important stages of life in men. It is during this stage that they realize they are getting old and they need to get things in order for their family and kids. They will want their life partner and kids to listen to them during this stage. They will have elevated levels of interest towards sex during this stage. This is normal. When their life partner fails to co-operate with them towards their sexual interest, they will start to express more aggression. While many men start to hide this feeling, it will gradually turn into anger and will be passed on towards family members. Men hardly listen to any advice during this stage. It is during this stage men complicate their life further with love and second marriage.

Right education about sex and psychological changes related to it at the right age will help a lot to go through these problems. Many diseases that knock the door right at the age of forty have their roots in depression and stress. So better understanding of the problems faced at this age will make you more immune to these problems.

Mental problems? Don’t be afraid

Many men believe that not crying, controlling people around them, expressing bravery is what makes them men. In the process, they suppress their natural feelings. When we do not express our emotions in the right way, it will lead to depression and stress. This will make men feel more tensed at the office. Respect, authority, money, pride any of these things will act as the primary reason for their confusion. They fail to express their real emotions to anyone. This leads to elevated interest towards suicide and criminal activities.

Most men stay unhappy due to anger and depression. This leads to blood pressure. Not being open to their emotions is the primary reason for blood pressure in men. Practices like Yoga and meditation are a great tool to calm down their emotions and protect themselves from blood pressure.

Addiction? A Big NO!

It is very rare to find a man who doesn’t have any addiction. Smoking, alcohol, weed, pan masala, drugs, most men are addicted to any of these habits. This paves way for many diseases that include liver problems, cancer, lung infections, neurological disorder, kidney failure, and more diseases. These diseases take them to the gateway to death at the age when they want to live more.

Many men believe alcohol is the sole solution to problems like love failure, body pain, and shame at work. It is not uncommon to find alcoholics making fun and alienating people who do not drink alcohol even at school level. This makes even men who are not attracted towards alcohol to consume it, due to the fear of being brushed aside by the society.

A Recent study reveals nearly 35 percent of young men are affected by the liver problem. Alcohol not only affects our physical health, it also affects us mentally. Additionally, it makes them sexually weaker.


The stroke happens when there is a blockage in the blood flow to the brain. Men are more vulnerable to this problem over women. Smoking, high blood pressure, over weight, are major contributing factors for stroke. This problem sometimes gets passed on to the next generation as well. So do you think your drinking habit should affect your next generation?

Heart Attacks

One of the major or biggest reasons for the death of most men in the world is the heart attack. Smoking, Alcohol, eating fatty foods, not maintaining healthy body weight, diabetes, high blood pressure is common reasons for heart attack. Women do not get heart problems till their reach their menopause stage. Oestrogen secretion in women prevents deposition of fat in arteries. But men do not have this natural protection. Additionally, even if men do not have any of these additions, nearly 5 percent of men become victims of the heart attack due to depression and stress.

Diet Control and diabetes

Even when it comes to diabetes, men are more vulnerable to it. Not having a healthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, depression, alcohol consumption are some the reasons why men become victims of diabetes at a very young age. Once you are affected by diabetes, you need to fight with it all your life. Diabetes cannot be cured, it can only be controlled. So men need to have more awareness regarding diabetes.

Danger of Prostate Cancer after 60 years

The prostate is present underneath the urinary bladder. Prostate gets enlarged in size as we get old and it blocks the path way for urine. Similarly, there is a danger for prostate cancer. Many men feel shy to consult a professional Doctor regarding this problem.

There are no conclusive study results for the reasons on prostate cancer occurrence. But some studies suggest it could be due to Vitamin-D deficiency and deposition of calcium. The difficulty with urination, bleeding during urination, frequent urination are symptoms of prostate cancer. There are no known ways to prevent prostate cancer. When you feel difficulty with urination, it is better to consult a Doctor immediately and get it properly tested.

There are two different types of treatment available for prostate cancer. One is hormone sensitive type, and the other one is hormone resistive type. Hormone sensitive will involve removal of testicles. Doing this will control the secretion of testosterone. This will expand the lifespan of the person by nearly 15 to 20 years. Hormone resistive type treatment does not fetch substantial results when it comes to prostate cancer.

Additionally, men get throat cancer due to smoking. Colon cancer due to fast foods. Liver cancer due to drinking habits.

Some Quick Tips

  • We should develop the mind set of looking at both men and women equally.
  • Eating burger, pizza, and fast foods should be minimised. We must develop the interest in a particular sport and practice it on a regular basis to escape diabetes.
  • Practices like yoga, Meditation, and pranayama will help in a great way to reduce stress and mental depression.
  • We should be properly educated about sex and learn to maintain our private parts in healthy condition. Men should know about period cycles in women, how to maintain a healthy relationship with women, right from the very young age.
  • Colleges and schools should appoint a psychologist and provide free counseling to students regarding puberty, sex, and bodily and mental changes related to it.
  • Men should become more aware of andropause which they go through right at the age of 40. They should learn to protect themselves from problems that result from it.
  • Alcohol addicts should get professional help to come out of it.
  • Men should be better educated about how they should deal with problems that arise due to marriage and relationships before marriage. This helps them to lead a better social life post marriage.

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