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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Start Jogging From Today

It Brings in Happiness

People who jog regularly has high-level secretion of hormones that are responsible for happiness. So it naturally makes them happier.

Reduces Risk of Diabetes

It helps to regulate blood sugar levels for those who already have diabetes. Additionally, it reduces the risk of diabetes on people who are on the verge of having it.

Strengthens Immunity

Jogging destroys the cells responsible for bacterial infections. As it increases the levels of lymphocytes in our blood, it strengthens our immunity.

Increases Bone Density

Minerals that are released by our body while engaged in jogging increases the bone density and overall bone health.

Helps in Maintaining Right Body Weight

One hour of jogging burns around 705 to 865 calories in total. This helps to maintain a healthy body weight.

Strengthens heart and lungs

Jogging will make the heart muscles to expand and contract at a healthy rate, this intern strengthens the heart and heart muscles. It keeps the blood pressure under control and prevents breathing problems.

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