Top 6 Reasons for Pimples and How to Cure it

Pimples can effectively ruin your beauty and confidence. Pimples can occur at the age of 13 to 35 years due to various reasons. We will look into some of the major reasons for pimples and how to treat it at home.

Pimples due to Bacteria

Bacterias present in air and dust can lead to pimples. To prevent this you need to wash your face regularly using face wash. People with dandruff can get pimples from their pillows. So always use a towel over the pillow before going to sleep and regularly wash the towel.

Pimples due to hormones

Some people can have pimples due to seasonal, and hormonal changes. Some women can have pimples during puberty, periods, pregnancy, and menopause stages due to hormone imbalance and changes. Testosterone hormone is one of the main reason for pimples.

Pimples due to Sleep

Excessive sleep can lead to increase in body temperature. Additionally, excessive sweat can lead to pimples as well. Facial skin surface can undergo damage when we try to move away from the excessive hair over your face. This damage to the skin can lead to pimples. Androgen hormone which is secreted during our sleep increases the oil secretion in the skin surface. Excessive oil secretion will cause pimples.

Pimples due to Cosmetics

Regular use of certain cosmetics and chemicals can lead to pimples and allergies to the skin. If you have a sensitive skin then replace the chemical rich cosmetics with natural alternatives.

Pimples due to Food

Certain food types can cause pimples and allergy to the skin. Eating foods like chocolates, ice cream, oily foods, deep fried food, fat-rich foods will increase the chances for pimples. On the contrary foods like milk, curd, yogurt, sprouts will reduce the chances for pimples.

Genetic Reasons

  • If your mother and father had pimples during their younger years, it can happen to you as well. Some people have naturally more warm body. This can lead to pimples as well.

Simple Home Remedies for Pimples

  • Make a paste out of Indian Mallow leaves and apply it over the pimples.
  • Make a tea out of sarsaparilla roots, add a little honey if need and consume it once or twice a day
  • Power some vetiver and mix it with an equal amount of sandal powder, make it into a paste by adding a little water. Apply this paste on the pimples before going to sleep.
  • Mix a little split green gram flour with gooseberry powder and use it as a replacement for face wash. Using this regularly will make the pimples disappear.
  • Make a powder out of nutmeg, sandal, and black pepper in equal amounts. Make it into a paste and apply it on the pimples before going to sleep.