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Top 5 Dangers Attached to Mobile Phone Addiction

Most of us use mobile phones right from early in the morning till midnight. Though there are many good things to mention about using mobiles, there are equally many bad things that are attached to over using mobile phones as well. It is one of the root cause for many bodily problems. We will look into those in this article.

Problems with Backbone

While using mobile phones we bend our neck to nearly 60-degree angle. This exerts nearly 60 pounds of extra pressure to our neck. This leads to problems in our backbone. Additionally, it also leads to mental depression and stress.

Dryness in Eyes

When you continuously keep looking at mobile phone display for over 2 hours, it leads to eye irritation and dryness to your eyes. Sometimes it can lead to eye sight problems.

Weakness to Thumb Finger

When you are constantly using the touch screen on your mobile phone, you keep giving more work to your thumb. This can lead to problems in the functioning of your thumb. Additionally, it can weaken the nerves at the bottom of your thumb and cause swelling in the region.

Can Lead to Nomophobia

When you constantly use your mobile phones, you will have a feeling like your mobile phone is ringing all the time. This problem is termed as ringxiety in the medical world. Next stage of this problem would be Nomophobia. Due to this reason, you will start to have fear of being out of contact with your mobile phone. This can trigger panic mindset in you.

Cause for Accidents

Many people use their mobile phone while driving a car, riding a bike, while crossing the street or a railway track. This kind of irresponsible use of mobile phones can lead to accidents which can be life threatening at times. Keep in mind that it can happen to you as well. So always be careful and behave responsibly while using mobile phones.