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Top 5 Coolest Cup Cake/ Muffin Gadgets

Wilton Tricolor Icing Set

Usual boring cup cakes have mono color icing which which makes it look good but not special, this wilton tricolour icing set combines three types of icing in to one, giving the icing decoration over the top of your muffins look extra special and yummy as well. This decorating kit includes 2 decorating tips, 6 – 16 inch disposable decorating bags and illustrated icing designs which you can try on your own muffins.

Fun Cupcake Maker – Holstein Housewares

You do not need a big expensive oven to make cup cakes or muffins, you can make use of this really tiny cup cake maker which not only saves you money to make cup cakes over using a oven but also saves you a lot of space. It can bake up to 6 cup cakes in one batch. It has a non sticky surface which makes it easy to clean and maintain. Takes up to 7 minutes to make one batch of muffins. Has safety lock built in place and convenient  carry handle. Has a non slip base which ensures the maker is securely in place while cooking.

OXO Cupcake Corer

Removing the centre of your cupcakes is made a lot simpler with OXO cup cake corer, just push the corer to the centre of you muffin while pressing the handle and release the soft grip handle, twist it in place and remove the corer. You can fill the empty space with your favourite filling and close it with the cored part of the cake back in to place before icing it. Its soft grip ensures the whole operation is pain free, it comes apart for easy clean and its dishwasher safe.

Chicago Metallic Surprise Cupcake Pan

Surprise cupcakes are just fun not only for your kids and guests but also to bake it with this surprise cupcake pan. It has a special projection in its centre where you can cook in your surprise stuffs like fruits and chocolates and pour your cupcake batter over the top of it. When its baked, your cup cakes are filled with a surprise already. Bakes up to 12 cup cakes in single batch. It has a non-stick base for easy clean up and maintenance. Its also dishwasher safe and come comes with a whooping 25 years warranty.

Two tone Muffin Filler by Tescoma

Two tone muffins are really hard to make, but with two tone muffin maker, the job gets a lot more easier and fun. Just place this over the gadget on top of your muffin tray, fill the centre part of the gadget with centre tone batter, you can make use of the special funnel, just to make sure no batter is spilled on the outer surface. Then close the centre part of the opening with a stopper and pour the outer opening with the second tone. As simple as that. Now bake the cupcakes in your oven, your two tone muffins are ready.