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Top 5 Best & Reliable Electric Egg Cookers

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This cute little electric egg cooker cooks up to 7 eggs in one go and it can poach 2 eggs with its poaching tray. It can boil eggs in three levels – Soft, Medium & Hard, and this will depend on the water level. It takes about 6 minutes to soft boil an egg. It comes with a special measuring jar to measure the water level for different levels of cooking.

Cooker turns off as soon as its water has evaporated. It has steel tray and and lid for extra durability and easy maintenance.

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Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker

You cannot ignore dash go when it comes to cooking eggs, its one of the most popular egg cookers that does its job quite well. It can cook up to 6 eggs in total with its egg tray in three different levels soft, medium and hard. It can even make individual omelettes without without oil and poach 2 eggs with its poaching tray. It can also make scrambled eggs. Just fill in water at desired level and the cooker will do the rest. It automatically shuts off once the egg is cooker. All the non-electric part of the cooker is dishwasher safe. It comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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Krups Egg Cooker – 7 Eggs Capacity

Krups Egg cooker is one of the most practical egg cooker you can own, it can cook up to 7 eggs in total and water levels you use decides the levels of hardness and timing, more time means more hard it is. It has two different switches, one is for cooking eggs while the other is for keeping it warm after its done, which is quite useful if you love your eggs warm. Egg tray comes apart for easy cleaning and the measuring jar comes with a piercer so the eggs do not crack while its boiling. It can also poach eggs and make omelettes with its poaching trays. Comes with 2 year worldwide warranty.

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Egg Genie Egg Cooker by Big Boss

Egg Genie is a popular product around the world, its a fairly simple egg cooker and cooks up to 7 eggs at a time in three different modes hard, medium and soft. It comes with built-in timer for different hardness which is decided by the water level. It alerts with a buzzer sound once its done. It also comes with a convenient poaching tray to poach eggs, if that’s something you love. Egg tray can be easily removed for convenient serving and its clear top allows to have a peek at the eggs while its cooking.

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Chef’s Choice Gourmet Egg Cooker

This egg cooker comes with a elegant stainless steel brushed finish. It has a separate trays to boil eggs, it can boil up to 7 eggs at a time, and a separate tray to poach eggs. Egg tray can be lifted in one hand for easy cleaning and serving. At the bottom is the non-stick water container, just fill it with water to the level indicated and set the timer depending up on your desired hardness of cooking, once its done it gives out a buzzer sound. All the non-electric parts are dishwasher safe and easy to maintain.

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