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Top 5 Best & Really Useful Butter Spreaders

Max Space Butter Dispenser

Spreading your refrigerated butter is now a twist away with this really cool tool. All you have to do is load the butter stick in place, close it and twist the handle to start spreading the butter in no time. You can make up to 10 foot butter ribbon with this one. Made of strong and reliable plastic.

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That Spread – Butter Knife

It differs from other butter knives from the very fact that its unique construction transfers body heat to melt the butter, it uses no electricity or battery, making it safe for children. It is a new innovation in action. Micro textured surface provides improved grip and spreading action. Its dishwasher safe.

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Oxo Butter Spreader

It would be unfair to include a more traditional butter spreader in to this and one that we found to be worthy on this list is from OXO. IT has a nice curved blade and a larger spreading surface for butter. It is made of hand finished stainless steel with soft and comfortable handle. Should be hand washed with warm and soapy water and dried.

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Bosign Spreader Knife

Bosign spreader knife features award winning design from Designplus & Red Dot. Its one of the coolest looking butter spreader in this list which would definitely add some elegance to your dining table. It is ideal for spreading butter, jams, jellies, cream cheese and dips. Its hand finished with solid wood. Raised blade edge prevents unnecessary stains on your table cloths.

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Cooks Innovations Butter Mill

Butter mill turns solid refrigerated butter in to soft spreadable butter in seconds. Just load it up with butter in the mill and start twisting the handle, you will have softened butter in seconds, after use you can store it in refrigerator. You can disassemble it and place it in your dishwasher for easy cleaning.

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