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Top 5 Best & Perfect French Fry Cutters

Restaurant style fresh fries at home is a desire for many french fries lovers, but restaurants use specialised cutting machines to make the perfect french fries. Luckily its possible to achieve similar results or even better results at home provided you make use of one of these french fry cutters.

Thunder Group French Fry Cutter

Originated from china, its one of the few handy but heavy french fry cutter you can own. Its body is made of cast iron so its heavy on the kitchen desk, you can enforce it to the surface using screws, special holes are provided, or you can screw it to a board with non-slip base just in case you do not want it to be around always. The frame, cutter and pusher block are rust proof. This one is just designed to cut french fry strips. Place the potato in-between the cutter blade and pusher block which are made of stainless steel and push the handle to make the perfect restaurant style french fries strips. It comes with variety of blades which needs to be purchased separately and blades can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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Culina French Fry Potato Cutter

Made of hard plastic and stainless steel handle for extra durability. It can fit in medium sized potatoes, though you need to cut in the large potatoes in to two parts to fit in. bottom part of the cutter has a rubberised stand to hold it in place while cutting through the potatoes. Has Two interchangeable blades, one for regular sized french fries and other is for gourmet style fries. Apart from potatoes it can also make strips of other vegetables and fruits like carrots, apples, cucumbers and more. Its easy to clean, just spray water in areas where there is food residue and wipe it off with a clean cloth.

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Super buy Potato French Fry Cutter

This is one of the serious french fries cutter, it is a heavy duty machine with cast iron body. Comes with 4 different sized blades which can be used for cutting other fruits and vegetables as well. Blades are made of stainless steel to ensure long service life. If you are not prepared to screw it in place in your kitchen, just make sure to buy suction cups separately.

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Tiger Chef French Fry Cutter

Tiger chef french fry cutter not only makes french fry strips, but it also used to dice potatoes, carrots and other vegetables and fruits. It has a special attachment that is used to dice vegetables evenly in cubes, great for making salads. It has a racket style pusher that moves the vegetables and fruits easily through sharp stainless steel blades. It has blades of two different sizes for different sized vegetable slices. Made from BPA-free professional grade plastic and feature a non-slip rubber feet.

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Shopping French Fries Potato Chips Cutter

Features a compact and minimal design for easy potato cutting for french fries, it can be used to cut other vegetables as well. Comes with a sharp stainless steel blades which can be removed for easy cleaning. Rubberised bottom makes it stand steadily in place while cutting. Comes with a complementary vegetable and fruits peeler. Fairly easy to clean and maintain, just wash it with water and use soap to remove vegetable residues.

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