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Top 5 Best & Creatively Designed Egg Yolk Separator

Yolk Fish By Peleg Design

One of the most well known designs of a egg yolk separator is Yolk fish, all the credits to its popularity would go to Peleg Design who originally designed the product and they are the ones who are officially licensed to sell it. Looking like a golden fish, yolkfish has a big lips that will easily swallow the yellow part of the egg. Its made of flexible silicone and its easy to maintain and will look really cute in your kitchen for sure.

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Bogeyman Egg Separator

Bogeyman kinda of looks and works in a weird way, but it does its job quite well, one of the reasons it has got so many good reviews from its users. To separate the egg white, you need to crack the egg and pour the contents over the top, when you need to use white part for cooking, all you have to do is tilt it forward. Its made of ceramic so you need to wash it with hands in warm soapy water.

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Tovolo Silicone Yolk Out Egg Separator

Works in a similar fashion as that of yolk fish, its made of soft silicone. It has a wide mouth which makes it easy to extract the yolk out, just press egg separator on top before placing it over the yellow part, then relax the grip to suck in the yolk, it can suck in up to three yolks in one go before you would need to empty its contents in the same fashion. Its easy to maintain and dishwasher safe.

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Joie Egg Yolk Egg Separator

Has a fairly simple design, but looks cute. Made of non-stick plastic, joie clips on to the edge of a bowl or cut and holds the yolk in place while the white part slips through the openings on either side. Its easy to clean and top rack dishwasher safe.

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Traditional Egg Separator by WS Goods

It would be unfair to miss out the traditional egg white separator, its made of stainless steel with a long and easy to hold copper accented handle. It feels sturdy in hands and can be placed over any bowl. Spiral rings holds the yolk in place and prevents it from slipping through while the white part drips through it. Really easy to use and clean design.

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