1Cake decorating brush

While nozzles are used to decorate cake on the whole, when it comes to adding finer details to the decoration, there is no other alternative other than to use brushes, these cake decorating bruses comes in handy when you want to add that extra punch to your decoration and make it stand out. These brushes are food friendly so you can use it without worrying about edibility of your cakes.

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2Oxo Silicone Decorating Bottle Kits

Its kind of hard to control the flow of icing on to a cake when using the traditional cones to ooze out the cream which depends on your palm pressure. These silicone decorating bottle kits are tiny and its made of flexible silicone, so it lets you to control the pressure using your thumb, which is more comfortable and easy to use. IT comes with 6 nozzles, so good luck with your creativity.

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3Oxo Baker’s Decorating Tool Kit

It must be a dream come true for many pastry lovers to see a cake decorating tool that has a unique design which makes it so easy to control your icing over the cake. Unique trigger in this decorating tool kit provides a smooth stream of icing for that professional clean lines, for which you need a lots of experience in traditional icing tool. It is pretty easy to disassemble the tool and also clean it. Comes with durable stainless steel decorating tips and a filling injector for your muffins.

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4Wilton Colorswirl 3-Color Decorating Kit

While ordinary decorating tool kits allow for mono color icing, or you just have to mix all the icing in one container to achieve that mixed icing look. Wilton makes this task much easier with their tricolor toolkit, which allows for imbibing three color icing nozzles in to one and achieve that unique colorful blended icing look over your cakes. It comes with 2 decorating steel tips, 6-16 inch disposable decorating bags.

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5Tescoma Delacia Decorating Pen

Nothing beats the comfort of holding a pen sized decorating tool when it comes to adding decorations and designs to your cakes, tescoma decorating pen does just that with its size and dimensions. It resembles a pen and it makes the icing task a lot easier than a traditional decorating kit. While the design you achieve through this tool is limited to fine lines and fine textures, its a valuable addition to your cake decorating kits.

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