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Top 12 Superfoods that Increase Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is what keeps our body healthy. It supplies oxygen, and nutrients to billions of cells in our body. It contains white blood cells which protect us from diseases. Additionally, it interconnects various organs in our body. When we increase the blood circulation in our body, it will naturally improve our overall well being. In this article, we will look into top 12 super foods that improve our blood circulation.

1 Fish, Prawn, and Crabs

Some fish are rich in omega 3. This will remove the bad fat from our body, increases the level of good fat. This leads to improvement in blood circulation. It strengthens the brain and the heart. Additionally, zinc present in these foods will reduce infections by dead body cells. So, any of these can be consumed once a week.

2 Small onions

Small onions are rich in antioxidants. This improves immunity in blood and protects us from various diseases. Also, it ensures there are no disturbances when there is an improvement in blood circulation.

3 Orange

Orange contains citric acid and Vitamin-C. It clears the fat deposition on blood vessels. Additionally, it protects us from germs that spread through air and water.

4 Wheat

Wheat has low levels of carbohydrates. So, it prevents the body from retaining excess fat and improves blood circulation. It helps with proper functioning of nervous system, brain, and formation of new body cells. It improves immunity.  Vitamin – B4 present in whole wheat improves the functioning of the thymus gland.

5 Cabbage

Glutamine present in cabbages heals the wounds and injuries present in colon and intestines very rapidly. Also, it purifies the blood, improves immunity, and prevents cancer.

6 Nuts

Vitamin – E present in almonds and peanuts improves the working of white blood cells. Due to this, it improves immunity.

7 Pomegranate

Pomegranate juice increases the levels of oxygen in the blood. It improves the production of white blood cells. Antioxidants present in it reduces fat. It prevents blood clots. Consuming pomegranate regularly will slowly increase the blood circulation and improve the level of oxygen in it.

8 Greens

Greens are rich in various vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. All of these will keep the body weight under control, and increase the level of white blood cells. Additionally, they enhance the workings of the digestive system and keeps us healthy.

9 Tea

Magnesium in tea protects the immunity cells in our body and keep it from destruction. Drinking a hot cup of tea will prevent infections. It keeps the brain active and keep us agile. Drinking black tea couple of times a day is a good practice.

10 Ginger

Gingerol present in ginger will purify the blood. It helps with the production of white blood cells. It improves digestion and increases blood circulation.

11 Sarsaparilla (Nannari) Roots

Nannari root is a type of medicine used in Siddha and Ayurveda. It is the best herb to increase the level of white blood cells. Also, it is rich in antioxidants. It kills the germs present in blood and keeps it pure.

12 Aloe vera

Aloe vera is rich in Vitamin-C. It increases the level of white blood cells. It reduces the body’s temperature and keeps the blood pressure under control. It strengthens the blood vessels. Due to this, it improves the blood circulation.