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Top 15 Different Types of Dreams and Meanings Of Them

Everyone dreams. These dreams can be either pleasing or threatening. When we take the history, dreams played a big role in identifying messengers of Gods. What is really happening in our dreams? and what are the reasons behind it? Most of us are curious to know the answers to these questions. Irrespective of a number of scientific studies went into dreams, the major portion of the dreams still remains a mystery is the truth.

There is no real link between dreams and sleep. Instead, dreams are associated with our reality. There are many kinds of dreams. These dreams vary with age and experience.

Why we dream?

There is no clear explanation or definition on why we dream. It is surrounded by many opinions and views.

Dreams are expressions of our subconscious mind. Dreams occur during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. We lose our self-control during this period and we stay completely under the control of the brain.

What becomes a dream?

Creation of a dream is one of the vital tasks of our brain. The way dreams are created varies with different individuals. For some dreams appear crystal clear, they can see the place, people, and face very clearly. But for some people, it appears smoky and unclear. On most occasions, problems, stress, desires, sadness that surrounds the present situations takes shape in the form of dreams. Strangely, sometimes we find solutions for the present problems in our dream.

Many of us have difficulty in recalling our dreams. When waking up is a natural process, it becomes easy to recall it. People who are stressed and disturbed have high probabilities for threatening and shocking dreams. Children may have dreams of separating from their mother, and old age people can have dreams of having diseases and being born. For some, their dreams can get them really disturbed.

Dreams of being naked

This type of dreams denotes people around you are aware of your weakness and using it to their advantage. Or that’s what your subconscious is feeling.

Missing Planes, trains, and buses

This dream is a sign that you have taken up way too many tasks in your hands, and you are afraid whether you can complete those successfully.

Breaking or falling of teeth

It means someone else is using you.

Dreams of babies

Most likely it means you are longing for love and care from someone, or from your family and friends.

Dreams of dying friends and relatives

It denotes unknown fear or you are feeling fearful about a new change in your life.

Falling down

Dreams of falling down is a sign that you have lots of worries and you are losing your control over things.

Dreams of foods

There are two possibilities for this kind of dream. One is you are hungry and you want to feed your stomach. Or you are becoming more intelligent. It is food that nourishes our body and mind.

Appearance of hands

When you see empty hands in your dreams, it means you are feeling hopeless. Dreams of washing the hands mean you are feeling lonely. Dreams of closed hands is a sign that you are moving in a clear path.

Dreams of home or building

It mostly denotes your subconscious. Additionally, each floor and rooms in it may kindle old memories and incidents that affected your subconscious.

Chasing animal

People who want to run away from the present situation have this type of dreams.

Dream of being born

Feeling of freedom and unclutching oneself from the difficulties may trigger this type of dreams.

Dreams of Money

It signifies self-esteem. Dreaming about money transactions could be a sign that expected changes might just become a reality.

Traveling on an empty road

It denotes the life path. Additionally, it might raise questions about your life choices.

Dreams of Water

Dreams of calm water in a pond in a peaceful environment could be the reflection of your subconscious. On the other hand, dreams of sea or ocean denote the responsibility or work you took up. It is a sign that it is not going to be an easy task.

Falling down from a peak

It signifies the fear of failure.

Is there a link between dreams and future?

Some people might dream like they are crying. It denotes you are going through a lot of stress at present. Tears while sleeping is a sign that you are learning something you love or recalling an old memory.

The Same dream can appear over and over again. For some people, this could induce fear. It can happen when a person is very upset about certain incidents.

Sometimes an unknown person can appear in your dream over and over again. In this case, that person might be linked to certain instances that are registered in your subconscious.

Witnessing snakes in dreams could mean the person is feeling fearful about something.

You may dream of running away. It denotes you want to freedom from something or stays away from it. But it can lead to an unpleasant situation.