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Top 10 Vital Organs in Our Body, Best Foods and Exercises for them


Health is wealth. It cannot be told any simpler. Our body and mind work continuously without any rest. When it works continuously, naturally, it gets tired. Keeping every organ in our body healthy and fresh lays the foundation for a healthy life. So what are the foods that keep each organ healthy and fresh? and what is the best exercise to keep these organs healthy and active? We will look into those in this article.

Whenever there is less oxygen in our body, our body cells starts to die. When we reheat the cooked foods, the oxygen content in it will be reduced. When we take in steamed foods and easily digestible foods, it keeps our body fresh and active.


The brain is the main control center in our body. It is responsible for memory, daily activities, emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, stress and many more things.


Lady’s finger, sprouts, eggs, non-veg foods, soya beans, pulses, yogurt, cheese are rich in protein content. These protein rich foods improve brain activity, its functioning, and its growth. Apart from these eating greens and herbs will keep it fresh and agile.


When we exercise regularly, our body gets necessary supply of oxygen and enhanced blood circulation. This, in turn, supplies the brain with needed oxygen and food.

Games like Sudoku, Chess, Rubik’s cube helps to keep the brain active. Reading and understanding keep the brain agile. To keep the brain fresh it needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day.


Eyes are natural cameras in our body. Eyesight only happens because of the brain. It is optical nerves that serve as a connection between eyes and brain.


Papaya, drumsticks, drumstick leaves are best foods for eyes health. Apart from these Fish, eggs, milk, buttermilk, coriander, carrot, and apple are rich in Vitamin-A. So, these foods are good for our eyes as well.

These foods will help to cure long sight and short sight problems in our eyes, and also improves the blood circulation to eyes.

Keeping cucumber slices over eyes, and taking oil bath once a week will keep the eyes cool and fresh.


Special yoga for eyes. Rotating the eyeballs in the shape of 8 are good exercises for eyes. When we do these regularly we can effectively prevent problems with eyesight. Additionally, they will keep our eyes refreshed.

Digestive system

The digestive system does the work of digesting the food we eat and converts it into energy.


Banana, papaya, buttermilk, apple, cinnamon, ginger are good for our digestive system. Food items like turmeric, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, cardamon, mint have chemical substance called curcumin. Curcumin helps to flush out toxins out of our body. Drinking herb tea and green tea once a week helps to keep the stomach clean.

Reducing carbohydrate-rich foods, and fat rich foods, and consuming fiber-rich foods, drinking enough water will keep the digestive system healthy and active.


Floor exercises, in particular, exercises that strengthen abs and back will keep the kidneys and intestines in healthy condition.


Heart continuously does the work of supplying oxygen-rich blood all over the body and sends carbon dioxide rich blood to lungs. Keeping the heart and its muscles healthy will enable it to perform this task more effectively without any problems.


Tomato, pomegranate, guava, watermelon, grapes, sesame oil are good for heart’s health.


Walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics are great for heart’s health. Performing any of these exercises regularly will keep the heart in good shape.


Kidneys do many vital tasks in our body, these includes the production of Vitamin-D, maintaining water levels in the body, and triggering the production of new blood cells.


Foods rich in water content are good for kidneys. Plantain stem juice improves kidneys health. Sweet potatoes, carrot, buttermilk, radish must be regularly included in our daily diet. Drinking high levels of water will prevent infections in the urinary tract.


Workouts that strengthens hips, abs and stomach are good for kidneys.


Lungs separate the carbon dioxide present in blood and release it, and mixes the oxygen in the air we breathe into the blood.


Foods rich in Vitamin-C such as kiwi, papaya, orange, strawberry should be consumed regularly. Apart from these drumsticks, and drumstick leaves are good for lungs as well.


Breathing exercises such as pranayama improve the body’s immunity and keep the lungs healthy. Any regular exercise is good for lungs.

Ears and nose


Foods rich in Vitamin-D, mushrooms, pineapple, banana, whole grains, pumpkins are great for ears.


When we practice listening to minute sounds, it improves the hearing ability of our ears. Instead of listening to rock or music with high beats, listening to the melody and pleasing kinds of music are good for our ears.

Practicing yoga and pranayama, we can easily get out of blocks in nose and hearing problems. When we practice meditation regularly, it keeps our mind and body healthy.


Foods rich in carbohydrates must be avoided. We must develop the habit of having the foods at the right time. To protect the pancreas, we can consume a glass of buttermilk mixed with 1 tsp of turmeric powder. Also, fruit juices and gooseberry juices can be consumed regularly.

Hands, legs, and muscles

Drinking pomegranate fruit juice mixed with honey regularly will cure anemia. We should consume foods rich in carbohydrates. Our diets must include green vegetables and fruits. These foods will help to keep our body strong. Additionally, including in physical works and regular exercises are good for our muscles and tissues.


Yoga and meditation help a lot to keep our mind healthy and at peace. Listening to pleasant music, and reading good books will relax the mind. When your mind it tired eat foods that you love and do things that you love to do.

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