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Top 10 Simple Tips to Take care of your Kidney

Drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day. You can increase or decrease this quantity based on the seasonal changes. However, drinking less than a liter of water per day is bad for your health. Similarly, drinking abnormally high quantities of water like 5 to 8 liters per day is also bad.

If you have a feeling of urination, you should go ahead and urinate immediately. Controlling urination is a bad habit. Keep yourself clean after urination. This can help prevent infections.

Painkillers must only be consumed with Doctor’s advice. No medications should not be consumed on a regular basis. Always check the manufacture and expiry dates on the label of the medicines.

Keeping blood pressure and diabetes under control will keep your kidneys in good shape.

People with liver problems should avoid consuming organ meats.

If you are using medications from alternate medicine system, make sure those tablets are certified by the government for internal use.

Reduce the intake of fat-rich foods such as butter, meat, and oily foods. Avoid sodium, salt, pickle, dry fish, packaged foods, preserved foods, and ready to eat foods to the maximum.

Balanced and liquid foods are good for your kidneys. Foods like tender coconut, buttermilk, palm water, porridge, and natural fruit juices will act as a shield for the kidneys.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, and consuming packaged foods will affect your kidneys, so stop it immediately.

If any of your blood relatives have kidney problems, then there is a high chance you might get it as well. So keep your weight and blood pressure under control. Undergo urine and complete blood test once a year.