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Top 10 Simple Tips to Maintain Good Heart Health

Heart supplies all the internal organs in our body with nutrient-rich blood which is needed by our body to stay healthy and energetic. When you have problems in your heart, it could potentially affect all other internal organs in our body in turn and can ruin in your health condition. So it is necessary to maintain your heart in good shape and in healthy condition. So let us look into some simple tips which you can follow on a regular basis that ensures good heart health.

Don’t be a couch potato and spend a lot of time in front of a TV while munching on to a lot of fat-rich snacks. When you do this, your body will lack the physical exercise it needs and it will make your heart weak. Do not sit in the same place for more than 20 minutes. If your job demands you to work for longer hours in the sitting position, then take a little break once an hour for 5 to 10 minutes and stretch yourself a bit.

High levels of LDL or bad cholesterol will lead to many heart diseases. Around 90 percent of the cholesterol needed by our body is produced by liver itself. So we need to only supply the rest of 10 percent cholesterol through foods.

Non-vegetarian foods, milk, butter, ghee, cheese are the rich sources of cholesterol. You should not reuse the cooking oil.

When you strain yourself with heavy physical work, the arteries and blood vessels will undergo contraction, this will reduce the blood supply to the heart. So you can feel little heaviness in your heart during those times. You can just relax and loosen your clothes a bit to normalize the blood and oxygen levels to your heart.

Low-fat foods, good rest, right physical exercise as advised by your doctor are enough to keep your heart in good healthy condition.

You can practice Aerobics or cycling or involve in any sports regularly that encourages physical activity with a Doctor’s advice. These physical exercises will shield your heart from all the heart-related diseases.

30 minutes of walking exercise every morning will regulate your blood pressure and improves the functioning of your heart. Additionally, it will reduce the stress and bad cholesterol in your body.

Diseases that happen during pregnancy, marrying a blood relation, and self-medication can potentially increase the chances for heart problems.

If you have a sensation of someone pushing your heart combined with pain, then it could be a heart attack. If the duration of this symptom lasts less than 20 minutes, then it would be a minor attack, if it lasts more than 20 minutes then it is a serious attack. Immediately rush to a nearby hospital if you have this sensation, you can take in aspirin tablet on the way to avoid blood clots.

Flax seeds, almonds, olive oil, and fish are do-good foods for your heart. Additionally, you should consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Keeping blood pressure and blood sugar levels under control will keep your heart in good healthy condition.