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Top 10 Home Remedies Using Dry Ginger

Dry ginger is quite a common ingredient found in many homes in India. It plays its role in many recipes and is packed with many health benefits. Dry ginger is one of the important medicine in Siddha medicine system.

Stomach Ulcer

Adding a little powdered dry ginger to curd rice and consuming it once or twice a day for 90 to 120 days regularly will cure stomach ulcer.

Severe Fever

Making a tea out of little dry ginger, 1 tsp black pepper, 1 garlic clove, and some neem leaves and drinking it three times a day after meals will cure severe fever.

Dental Problems

Mix a little salt to dry ginger powder and use it to brush your teeth. This will cure a severe toothache, strengthens the teeth roots, and removes odor.

Gastric Troubles

There is no better medicine than dry ginger for gastric troubles. Chew on a little dry ginger along with a betel leaf. This will immediately cure the gastric problems.

Cleanse Colon

To cleanse the colon, make a paste out of a little dry ginger along with a couple of small onions. Have this after food. It will cleanse the stomach of bad bacterias and microbes and keep it in good shape.

Ease Pain due to Piles

To ease pain due to piles, make a tea out of dry ginger and a tsp of coriander seeds. Filter it out the seeds and drink it two times a day.

For headache

For headache of all type. Make a little paste out of dry ginger with little water, and apply the paste in forehead before heading to sleep. This will act as a great cure for a continuous headache.

To Remove Tiredness

Make a tea out of little dry ginger, a little bit of palm sugar, and black pepper. Filter it out and drink this tea to remove tiredness and make you feel more refreshed. You can add a little honey if you want some sweetness.

For Allergies

For allergies, mix a little dry ginger powder with a bit of roasted fenugreek powder and add a tablespoon of honey to it and consume it once a day.

Dizziness and Vomiting Sensation

If you have dizziness, and vomiting sensation, take a tsp of dry ginger powder and some holy basil leaves, consume them together to stop the dizziness and vomiting sensation.

Joint Pains

Make a paste out of dry ginger powder and milk, heat is a little bit and apply this paste while it is warm over joints in hands and legs to get complete relief from the pain.