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Top 10 Benefits of Eating Holy Basil Leaves and Remedies

For Cough

Holy basil leaves extract is a great medicine for cough problems. Drinking it will reduce the severity of cough. Additionally, it will also heal wounds in the throat region.

For Breathing Problems

Take some holy basil leaves and grind it with a little ginger. Add this paste to a glass of warm water, add some honey to taste and drink it. This will cure all breathing problems. Add some holy basil leaves to a liter of water, boil the water till it becomes half a liter. Strain out the leaves and drink this water regularly to keep Asthma under control.

For Depression

Eating 4 to 6 holy basil leaves in the morning and during the evening is a great medicine for depression and stress.

For Urinary Infections and Kidney Stones

Holy basil leaves prevent uric acid from mixing into the blood and also prevents the formation of kidney stones. People with Kidney stones can take some holy basil leaves and add it to a little honey and consume this regularly for 6 months once a day. This will completely cure kidney stones and also prevents future occurrence of the same.

For headache

Make a paste out of holy basil leaves, add some sandal powder to this paste. Add some water if needed. Apply this paste to the forehead before going to sleep to get cure from a headache.

Increases Immunity

Holy basil leaves is the best antioxidant. Consuming it regularly will increase our immunity and strengthen the immune system.

To Prevent Diabetes

Dry out some holy basil leaves in shade. Powder these dried leaves and keep it in an Air tight container. When needed add 1 tsp of this powder to a glass of water and boil it till the water becomes half of its original quantity. Drink this before going to sleep. It will regulate the insulin secretion and prevent diabetes.

For Mouth ulcer

Chewing over holy basil leaves will prevent mouth ulcer. Additionally, it keeps your mouth and teeth clean. It also kills the germs in your mouth.

For Smokers

People who are addicted to smoking can chew on to little holy basil leaves whenever they feel the urge to smoke. This will suppress their urge. Additionally, it reduces the chances of mouth cancer.

For Digestion

Eating Holy Basil leaves will strengthen the digestive system. It will induce hunger, keep your skin in good healthy condition, and makes the hair grow better.