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How is Tomato Beneficial for Your Health?

We call tomato as a fruit and also as a vegetable. It is yummy and is rich in nutrients so it is considered as one of the best foods.

Tomato is believed to have originated from South American countries like Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. There are certain references that indicate the presence of tomatoes in Italy in the year 1554. So it could have started to spread to other European nations from there and eventually spread across the world. When it was first introduced, it was called as “Golden Apple”, “Love Apple”, and “Peruvian Apple”. Tomato plants were first planted in Europe as an ornamental plant for its beauty. It was at the end of 16th century was Tomato became widely accepted as a food.

Today tomato is the most popular vegetable and also a fruit in the world. It is a simple vegetable which is easily available anywhere in the world. It is due to this reason, it is called as Poor man’s apple. Many food items are manufactured using tomatoes. It has its use in popular foods like tomato soup, tomato salad, ketchup, sauces, and pickles. Tomato juice is poor man’s apple juice.

Over 50 percent of Indian recipes make use of tomatoes today. It is one of the most loved vegetables among Indians.

There are many advancements in bioengineering lately that increased the production of tomatoes. There are many varieties of tomatoes available now which can be planted based on the soil, and weather condition. Tomato plant stems are very weak by nature. It grows up to a height of 2 meters.

Medicinal Uses

Tomato helps with protecting seminal vesicle in men. It is considered as one of the most important benefits of tomato. A recent research concludes that including Tomatoes in your daily and regular diet will effectively prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer. Tomato contains a chemical compound called lycopene. This carotene is what gives the tomatoes its bright red, yellowish, and orange color.

Tomato prevents the deposition of sugar in urine. It is because, though tomatoes have low levels of calories, it has high levels of minerals over carbohydrates. It reduces the level of uric acid. It purifies the urine. Keeps the kidneys in good healthy condition, and purifies the blood.

Tomatoes enhance your eyesight.

It strengthens the immune system in our body, thereby prevents cough, and cold.

It also strengthens your reproductive organs, it is, for this reason, it is called as “Love apple”.

Lycopene present in tomatoes has been proved to prevent various heart diseases. Also, consuming tomatoes along with honey is said to boost this effect by nearly 10 times. This effect has been proved scientifically as well.

Other Uses

Seeds extracted from tomatoes are used in soap manufacturing.

It is used as a fertilizer and rotten tomatoes are an excellent feed for cows as well.

Tomatoes and Antioxidants

I guess by now you know the benefits of eating tomatoes. It is one of the most loved vegetables in the world. A study that was conducted in America, revealed that tomatoes are more effective over any other vegetable when it comes to preventing stomach and seminal vesicle cancer. Consuming tomatoes regularly will increase the level of lycopene and effectively reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Lycopene is similar to carotenoid present in carrot which gives carrots its orange color. Just like beta-carotene provides carrots with its nutrients and color, lycopene present in tomatoes makes it appear red. Our body contains free radical cells, which are very harmful and are responsible for cell damage and cancer. Lycopene has proved to be very effective in fighting against free radicals. In other words, lycopene is an excellent antioxidant. It is 10 times more effective against cancer cells over beta-carotene present in carrots.

Tomatoes have very high levels of lycopene when compared to any other vegetables. So tomatoes rank first when it comes to fighting against cancers like stomach, prostate, lungs, and seminal vesicle. So consuming foods manufactured from tomatoes like sauces are best foods for fighting cancer. This truth was revealed from a 6-year long study conducted by Harvard University.

We hear the word antioxidant more frequently. So let us look into what it really means.

Our body constantly generates free radicals. These can also be called as incomplete or damaged cells. These free radical cells attack normal cells in our body and when the opportunity arises and damages it.

Vitamins and minerals will help to prevent this from happening. These are called as antioxidants.

So including tomatoes in your daily diet will provide you with abundant levels of health benefits is an undeniable truth.