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Thyroid Hormone Symptoms, Problems and Possible Cures

Childbirth, infertility, growth are all the results of hormone changes in our body. Many diseases in our body occur due to hormone imbalance. Thyroid hormone and problems related to it has become quite common in recent years. In this article, we will focus only thyroid hormone and problems related to it.

Thyroid hormone and thyroid gland

It is present in the neck region and looks similar to a butterfly. The thyroid gland secretes two different types of hormones, namely Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxin (T4). These hormones control metabolic changes, brain functions, heart functions, functions of reproductive organs and overall body growth. When thyroid secretion is less it is termed as hypothyroidism when the secretion is more, it is termed as hyperthyroidism.

Hypothyroid Deficiency

Thyroid deficiency is caused when body’s immune cells turn against the body itself. This cannot be stopped. For some iodine deficiency, malfunction of pituitary gland leads to thyroid deficiency. Hypothyroid is more prevalent in women over men.


Tiredness, lack of hunger, weight gain, lack of interest in work, low pulse rate, constipation, pain in the neck region, are all major symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Results of Hypothyroidism

Deficiency of thyroid hormone during pregnancy can lead to high blood pressure and can even turn fatal. Thyroid deficiency in kids can lead to speech problems, problems with hearing, and lack of interest in studies. For girls this can lead to delays in their puberty, or in some cases it can also lead to puberty at an early age. For some men and women thyroid deficiency can lead to problems in pregnancy. They lack focus on work and increase in body weight. Weight gain will lead to increase in cholesterol. They also have more probability of heart attack and joint pains.


Detecting thyroid problems through a blood test, and taking in prescribed tablets is the only solution to cure it. Not everyone who is overweight is a victim of hypothyroidism. People with thyroid deficiency can intake iodine-rich salt in their diet with the doctor’s advice.


This problem arises due to excess secretion of T3 and T4 hormones. There can be excess secretion of thyroid when body’s immune cells start to act against the body itself when there is swelling, inflammation, or enlargement of the thyroid gland, and when there are excess levels of iodine in the body. Excess secretion of thyroid can accelerate metabolism.

Results of Hyperthyroidism

Results of hyperthyroidism will be opposite to what happens due to hypothyroidism. Memory loss, anger, and insomnia are possibilities of hyperthyroidism. There will be excess vomiting in pregnant women. The increase in heart beat. Increase in breast size for men, pain in bone joints, anxiety, mood swing, fear, and restlessness.


Hyperthyroidism can be detected with a blood test. Avoiding iodine rich foods, and soy-based foods are essential to treat hyperthyroidism. This problem can be cured with tablets or through surgery.

If there is a cyst or swelling in the thyroid gland, it needs to be properly tested. On most occasions, this is a normal treatable tumor. In some case, it can even be a cancerous tumor.