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Stevia Rebaudiana – Best Alternative to Sugar for Diabetes Patients

People who are suffering from diabetes should practically forget about eating sweets is the reality. Ice Creams, cake, and anything that is sweet is bad for a diabetic. But Stevia Rebaudia plant leaf has come as a blessing for many diabetes patients indeed.

Stevia Rebaudiana is also called as Candy Leaf, Sweet Leaf, and Sugar Leaf. This plant originally belongs to South America.

Two chemical substances namely Stevioside and Rebaudioside that are extracted from this plant are responsible for its sweetness. It is roughly 30 times sweeter than the sugar that we commonly use in our households. Additionally, it has fewer levels of sugar and carbohydrates. It belongs to a Glygoside family. Its sweetness is vastly different from the sweet taste you get through glucose and sucrose sources. It is many times sweeter than common sugar and jaggery. But foods manufactured with this plant doesn’t increase the sugar levels in our body. It will not induce diabetes as well.

Sugar found in sugar leaf is a natural sugar, so diabetes patients can consume it without any second thought. Leafs of this plant is dried, powdered, and is mixed with tea powder and sold in super markets. It’s dried and powdered leaf can also be used with coffee, and juices as well.

It has very low levels of fat, so it effectively controls blood pressure. Due to this property, it is used as one of the ingredients for medicines manufactured for heart patients. Additionally, it cures problems related to digestion.