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Statin Tablets – Why it is Essential for Diabetes Patients?

Modern lifestyle made us very busy. We spend very little time to focus on our health. Most of us seek out for fast foods and addicted to fries, chips, pizza, burger, and other fat-rich foods. Majority of the life-threatening diseases we face today has its roots in bad fat. It is very vital to protect ourselves from these bad fats. Else we could become a victim of a stroke, muscle cramps, heart attack, cardiac arrest, and many other heart-related problems.

LDL fat level or bad fat level would easily increase in people with diabetes, alcohol and smoking addiction. To protect these people from bad fats, Doctors prescribe for statin medications. The main task of these drugs is to remove the bad fats from our body. In recent times many people take these statin tablets without Doctor’s advice. This can be very dangerous.

So what are the benefits of using statin tablets and who can really use it?

As mentioned earlier, the main task of statin tablets is to regulate the levels of fat in our body. These drugs are usually prescribed for people with smoking and alcohol addiction, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. Normally, these tablets are prescribed for people over 40 years of age in their first sitting. For younger people Doctors usually advice for lifestyle changes and encourage regular exercise to keep their fat levels under control. If these practices fail to fetch the needed results only then the Doctor will prescribe for statin drugs. If we take these tablets without Doctor’s advice then there is a danger that the fat levels will start to increase at a rapid rate, and it could fetch some serious health problems.

How long can we use these tablets?

It should be used till the fat levels reaches 50 mg/dl. Some Doctors keep this level to 40 mg/dl. If a person stops the statin drugs before this level is reached, the fat levels in his or her body will start to increase at a rapid rate and it could lead to many health-related complications. The fat levels will not drop below 70 mg/dl for people who are affected by diabetes due to genetic reasons, people with type 2 diabetes, and people with alcohol and smoking addiction. These people should use statin tablets all their life.

How effective are statin tablets when it comes to heart problems?

Blockages in the heart is more dangerous and life-threatening than in any other part in our body. Statin is the best solution for heart-related problems like stroke, coronary artery disease, and heart attack.

Why Diabetes patients need statin all their life?

The body keeps producing bad fat at a rapid rate for people with smoking habits, drinking habits, and diabetes patients. This can lead to many health problems. Statin protects these people from many health complications. It is, for this reason, people with diabetes are advised to take statin drugs continuously.

There are rumors lately that when a non-diabetic person takes these tablets, they will become more vulnerable to diabetes. But this is only applicable for people who are vulnerable to diabetes due to genetic reasons. It is relatively a safe drug for others. Doctors will usually prescribe a different kind of statin tablets for different people. This will be based on their sugar levels. So it is a wrong practice to take statin tablets without Doctor’s advice. Also, it is necessary to undergo appropriate tests to check the fat and sugar levels in our body while using this drug.

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