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Soaps vs Body Wash – Which one is Best for Your Skin?


Soaps have become an essential part of our everyday life. Most of us cannot even imagine having a bath without soaps. It is the soap that gives us the refreshed feel after a bath. But, it comes with its own drawbacks as well. So, many Doctors have started suggesting body wash over soap bars.

Why is Body wash Best?

PH level of soaps is much higher than that of body wash. Due to this reason, soaps are not acceptable for some people.  Additionally, soaps will remove all the moisture content in the skin due to the presence of certain harsh chemicals. Similarly, it also removes the natural oil content in the skin. So, it leaves the skin dry and lifeless.

Body wash has low PH level. So it will not affect the skin much, or remove the moisture in it. This makes the skin look supple and healthy.

People with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and dryness should use body wash instead of soap bars. As body wash will protect the moisture content in the skin.

There is a little problem while using body wash as well. Many brands provide luffa scrub along with body wash purchase. This scrub should not be used by anyone. It might seem like it makes the skin brighter and fairer, but it damages the outer layer of the skin surface. This makes the sunlight to penetrate the inner layers of the skin very easily. This could lead to permanent pigmentation on the skin which is very hard to cure.

Say no to scrubber

There are many varieties of scrubbers available in the stores near us, some are made of synthetic materials, while some are claimed to be natural and contains herbs. No matter what it is made of, scrubbers are not healthy for our skin. The best way to wash is to use our hands.

How to use Body wash?

Body wash can be used by all irrespective of our age and gender. It can even be used for just born babies.

A small amount of body wash can be collected in a little cup and it can be applied all over the body for taking bath.

Some body washes can get hardened and they start to look like small balls. These type of body washes are not good for our skin and environment. So, they should be avoided.

Body washes that are rich in moisturizers and has less fragrance are the best choice.

People with skin problems and skin diseases should use body washes that has high levels of moisturizer. At the same time, it should have less odor or fragrance.

There is a special body wash available for babies aged between 0 – 6 years. As they contain less fragrance and odor, it can be used on babies.

Best choices for body washes are the ones that contain coconut milk, butter, olive, and aloe vera.

Can we use Body wash on our face?

There are four types of skins namely, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, and normal skin. People with oily skin can use a face wash that removes the oil content on their face, and use body washes for their body.

People with dry skin or combination skin can use a face wash that will be suitable for their skin type or use body wash for their face as well.

It is enough to just use body wash for people with normal skin. If they like, they can also use a face wash. But it is not really necessary.

Who can use Soaps?

It not acceptable to use the same soap for all the family members. Soaps can act as a carrier for skin diseases and spread it from one person to another. So it is not hygienic and should be avoided.

Different people have different types of skins, so before choosing a soap, consult a skin Doctor and choose the one which will be the right choice for your skin. Some people will have oil skin. These people can use soaps, but the PH level of the soap must be 5.5. It is always best to follow Doctor’s advice while choosing a soap.

People with excess oil secretion can use special soaps specifically manufactured for it. But even then these soaps should not be used more than twice a day.

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