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What Causes Short Term Memory Loss and What are the Treatments

We have no problems in recalling memories that happened 10 years ago. But when someone asks as for our breakfast menu we had this morning, we have a real hard time recalling it. This is called “Short Term Memory Loss”. In this article, we will look into its reasons, treatments and preventive measures.

Our brain will be deprived of oxygen when there is a block in blood to the brain. This leads to damage in the functioning of brain tissues. So causes temporary difficulties in recalling memories. We call this as “Short Term Memory Loss”. This could also be an initial symptom for “Dementia”.


  • Injury to head
  • Depression and stress
  • Stroke
  • Bypass surgery for heart
  • Drinking alcohol

Who are most affected by this?

It is quite common to have memory loss problems in people who are older than 40 years. But that doesn’t mean younger people do not have it.

How to detect this?

It’s difficult to detect it during its initial stages. This can only be found out by self-examination or when someone close points it out. Relatives and family members can easily identify a victim of this problem.

Consulting a psychiatrist or neurologist is a good idea for detecting the possible presence of this problem.

Possible Treatments and cures

The first step in treating this problem would be finding out the reason behind it and treating accordingly. There are no specialized treatments for this problem.

Doctors usually ask certain questions to patients who are suspected victims of short-term memory loss. This will help the doctors to understand the level of damage to their memory and recalling abilities.

If this problem has occurred due to a head injury, then it can be analyzed using MRI scan or CT scans of the head region. These reports can be useful in treating the patient.

EEG or Electroencephalogram tests can be used to monitor electrical activity in the brain. This can be used to detect damages in brain functions.

Cerebral Angiogram can be used to detect and monitor blood flow levels to various parts in the brain.

If there is any tumor or cyst in the brain, it can be surgically removed.

How to Prevent?

  • It is a must to have an hour of walking exercise and 8 hours of sleep every day.
  • Having regular health checkups.
  • Including onions, dry grapes, sweet potato and greens will strengthen the brain and increase memory power.
  • Diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol levels must be kept under control.
  • Giving up smoking and drinking habits.
  • Meditation, yoga, and pranayama are good practices for brain’s health.
  • Playing games that demand brain activity.
  • Indulging in new healthy habits is one of the best exercises for the brain.

Is there a link between Dementia and Short Term Memory Loss?

Dementia patients will have damaged brain cells. Due to this, there will be problems with the normal functioning of these brain cells. This will lead to changes in thinking, mannerism, and senses. There will be tissue damage due to chemical changes in the brain for patients with dementia. This can cause memory loss problems in these people.