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What You Should Know About Sanitary Pads Causing Cancer

Many women feel shy to talk about their periods, it is this shyness to talk and gather more knowledge about it is one of the main reasons for many problems in their body.

In India, a mere 12% of the women population use sanitary napkins. 23% of the women are not financially stable to afford it, and 65% of the women do not buy it because they do not know how to use it.

Leaving this aside… It is necessary that women need to be aware of the possible allergies that may occur while using napkins, and how to prevent them.

Sanitary Pads has three layers. The lower layer is made of plastic and it has special paste to stick on to panties. The layer above it will be dry and net-like. The middle layer will be made up of the polymer gel. This gel has the capacity to absorb, so this is the one that absorbs blood and keeps it confined within itself. Some manufacturers use “Cellulose” in place of the polymer gel. This may cause allergies in some women.

What are the effects of Sanitary pads and How to prevent them?

Blood that is stored in napkins has a very favorable environment for the development of microbes, bacterias, and fungus. So it is quite necessary to change it once every 4 hours.

Infection that results from wearing napkins can cause irritation, itching sensation and pain during urination, these problems must be immediately brought to the attention of a Doctor. He might prescribe antibiotic ointments to kill the microbes and germs. These ointments must be applied over infected regions. There are differences between ointments that needs to applied inside a reproductive organ and ointments that needs to be applied on the outside. So extra care needs to be taken to make sure you applying for the right medicine at the right spot.

Having a foreign body, in the undies can be quite uneasy for some. This can cause scratches and bruise in-between thighs. This can also be treated using ointments prescribed by Doctor.

Is it true Sanitary Pads Cause Cancer?

  • A chemical substance known as “Dioxin” which is present in sanitary napkins has been proved to cause cancer in animals by various studies. But there are no sufficient evidence and studies on how much damage or what kind of reaction it will have on humans. So there is no confirmed report that Sanitary pads will cause cancer.
  • Also, Polypropylene and PPA chemicals in sanitary pads can cause skin cancer, this is confirmed by scientific studies.
  • Tampons, which can be inserted into a women’s reproductive organ during periods has confirmed studies on it that reveal it will cause cancer. But Sanitary napkins has no such threat.
  • People who feel fearful of using napkins can use clean cotton cloth in its place. But this needs to be replaced every 4 hours.

How to use Sanitary Pads?

During periods it is really essential to change it every 6 hours. If the bleeding is high, it needs to replaced in every 3 to 4 hours.

If a cloth is used in place of napkins, then it needs to be made of pure cotton. Used clothes need to be washed well with soap, warm water and made to dry under the hot sun.

Ironing the cotton cloths used as pads will prevent germs from spreading. But these clothes should only be used for a period of 3 to 4 months and should be disposed of after that.

How to dispose of Sanitary Pads?

When it comes to sanitary napkins, it causes more harm for others than its users. Approximately a woman disposes of 150 kilograms worth of sanitary napkins in a year. It has been calculated that plastic layer in these napkins could take nearly 800 years to decompose. Garbage collectors and garbage separators have a high risk of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C infections during separation process if these pads are disposed of properly. It’s a good thing to wash off these napkins thoroughly before disposing off it in garbage. One of the best ways to dispose these napkins is by the process called “Incineration”, which means burning it completely and disposing its ashes.

Some Quick Tips to Keep in Mind

Some women use synthetic inner wears because they fear cotton under pants can expose their bleeding during periods. Its necessary to give proper care and attention with the inner wears as with sanitary napkins. Using comfortable cotton underwear is the best choice.

Cleaning up the reproductive organs with popularly advertised antibiotics on TV or with warm water repeatedly in the name of hygiene must be avoided. This can alter the normal acidic properties of reproductive organ and kills good microbes which will cause dryness and irritation.

It is enough to wash off the reproductive organ with normal water after urination or while changing napkins to prevent infections.